Tuesday. 21.03.2023

Do not miss the limited edition of Skechers — sandals that exude love at every step

You will have all eyes on you when you go out with the new Skechers sandals

Skechers Hyper Slide Sandals
Skechers Hyper Slide Sandals

The change in weather is already telling you to prepare your suitcase for a trip to the beach or the pool, and you cannot forget to include some sandals, especially if they are Skechers. Particularly, from TheLook we have turned our gaze to a women's shoe that has surpassed the Nike and Adidas models in style and price.

With these sandals you will feel like a real diva, no matter where you are at home, you will look splendid. When you go out the story will be another, you will walk through the streets of the United States stepping firmly thanks to the traction of the sole.

Hyper Slide sandals
Hyper Slide sandals

Skechers Hyper Slide Sandals

Did you think Skechers had forgotten about all the girls? Well no, since they bring you the new Hyper Slide sandals. It is a pair of sandals with a rather colorful and flirty print. These new sandals are the result of a collaboration with fashion designer Diane von Furtenberg.

What's more, the print is a work of the designer, this time, the chosen design is silhouettes of kisses that are printed along the instep of the shoe. The color palette focuses on pink, red and lilac tones. Other characteristics of the sandals are the following

  • It is a vegan product
  • You can wash the sandals in the washing machine
  • The midsole is super cushioned, thanks to the fact that it has Hyper Burst technology
  • With the design of the sole you will have greater support and traction when walking. The result will be a more stable walk.
  • The insole is comfortable, apart, it is contoured
  • The lower part of the sole has grooves, and they serve as a complement for a stable tread
  • You accumulate points with your purchase

Sizes and measurements

Unfortunately, not all sizes are available. However, if your size is not there, you can press the option called "You do not see your size". Subsequently, select the shoe number you need and enter an email address.

Skechers sandals
Skechers sandals

The store will automatically notify you when your size is already available in this model. At the moment, the available sizes are the following.

  • 7.0
  • 8.0
  • 9.0
  • 10.0
  • 11.0

Cutting-edge technology in the midsole

The biggest attraction of this shoe is the midsole. The reason for this is because Hyper Burst technology consists of a type of foam that is located in the EVA midsole, and its function is to restore the original shape of the sole with each step.

In this sense, every time you walk, the compression of the footprint will not deform the sole. On the contrary, the sole will quickly take its natural shape. Other important details are

  • More resistant and durable midsole
  • Super light
  • You can run and walk freely
  • Better results in your performance
Skechers Hyper Slide
Skechers Hyper Slide

Skechers Hyper Slide Sandals Price

This multicolored sandal has a cost of $85.00. However, this footwear is not included in the page's promotions. Although, don't worry, you can pay in installments and not in cash.

In addition to this, you can cancel the order in a total of 4 installments, and you only have to pay $21.25 if you process it by afterpay. It is worth mentioning that there are certain terms and conditions so that you can enjoy this alternative.

Best of all, you won't have to pay interest, and payments are every two weeks. Finally, approval is in a matter of minutes, while shipping is free.

Do not miss the limited edition of Skechers — sandals that exude love at every step