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Take your living room to the next level with the giant IKEA sofa that fits up to a football team

Decorate your home with IKEA's new extra-large furniture to make room for your whole family.

The most elegant IKEA sofa perfect for large families
The most elegant IKEA sofa perfect for large families

It doesn't matter if you have too many friends or many family members nearby, with IKEA's new giant sofa you have the perfect space for everyone to be comfortable, ready to watch your favorite series on your Samsung TV. The decoration experts of The Look, see the new Jättebo Sectional as a fantastic option to equip your living room and have a piece of furniture that is with you for a long time.

We talk about quality, durability, elegance, and above all... The ability to create a space comfortable enough for several people to sit in it without any inconvenience.


IKEA Jättebo Sectional

The best way to spend a pleasant time with your family and loved ones is with the Jättebo Sectional model from IKEA. This is a giant-sized piece of furniture that has several sections. Thanks to such a composition, this product has enough space for many people. And best of all, it offers unique comfort when sitting.

On the other hand, it should also be mentioned that the Jättebo Sectional model has other additional functions. In particular, it is a product that will help you reduce clutter inside your home. Apart from this, it is important to note that the furniture has a good quality construction, since it uses materials of good strength and durability.

An ideal piece of furniture to rest and socialize

Thanks to the size and design of this IKEA sectional sofa, you will have enough space to do everything you want. That is, you can use this product to rest after a long day of work or sit down to socialize with family and friends. In any case, you will have the greatest possible comfort, with support to reduce muscle pain.

The seats of this IKEA cabinet are deep and uniform to provide comfort at all times. In this way, you can lie down whenever you want. In addition, you can use the headrest cushions to feel completely full.

JÄTTEBO Sectional from IKEA
JÄTTEBO Sectional from IKEA

Has storage under the seat

Another of the main qualities to highlight about this IKEA product is the integrated storage it has. These can be used to store everything you want, thanks to the ample space they have.

In addition, they have gas spring shock absorbers that facilitate access and closure of storage space. Without a doubt, this is a splendid feature that will serve you at any time.

Tips to keep the sofa in good condition

  • The seat covers can be machine washed with warm water and a normal cycle.
  • The ideal is to wash each of them separately, to prevent them from staining or soiling.
  • It is not recommended to use bleach or machine drying, as they damage the fabric of the covers.
  • You can also dry clean any solvent except trichloroethylene for more complicated stains.
  • Use a steam iron that you must pass through the back to make sure the covers are in good condition.
  • It is recommended to use a soft cell brush to remove lint or pet hairs from the furniture.
JÄTTEBO Sectional
JÄTTEBO Sectional

IKEA Jättebo Sectional Price

Today, the Jättebo Sectional model from IKEA is available in the Sofas and Sectionals section of the official website. The current price of this product is $4,330.00 and it has a 10-year limited warranty coverage. In addition, you have the option to buy it with the IKEA Projekt credit card to pay it in installments of $181.00 for a period of 24 months.

Take your living room to the next level with the giant IKEA sofa that fits up to a...