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The definitive organizer that puts order in your drawers is from IKEA and only costs $6

Discover one of the most popular products in the IKEA catalogue. The ideal accessories to store everything you want.
The IKEA accessory you didn't know you needed to organize your room
The IKEA accessory you didn't know you needed to organize your room

The experts at The Look agree that IKEA isn't one of the most popular stores in America just because... But, because its catalog offers an almost endless variety of all kinds of furniture, bookcases, lamps, mirrors ... And also, accessories for the bathroom, kitchen or living room, which no matter how small they seem, actually turn out to be quite necessary.

As we see it with the Skubb Box, an accessory that the Swedish store tends to right now as a Best-seller because it will take the organization of your wardrobe one level further. With something fairly simple and inexpensive, you'll see a big difference in how tidy you kept your wardrobe and how accessible your favorite Zara or Macy's clothes were. So, let's see what it's all about:


IKEA Skubb Box

If you find yourself having trouble storing your clothes or accessories for personal use in your closet, IKEA brings you the ideal solution. This is the Skubb Box model from its collection of household products. This is a set of 6 boxes with different sizes that will offer you many benefits. In particular, for the versatile use that these products can have.

In addition, the IKEA Skubb Box model has a minimalist design that does not clash in any environment. And best of all, they have good quality construction to safely preserve what you want to store. In this way, you can have complete security and peace of mind when storing something inside them.

Ideal for sorting your personal items

Because of the simple design they have, this set of IKEA boxes can be very useful to organize everything you want. You can use it to store socks, belts, and all kinds of accessories inside a closet or chest of drawers. The way to use this product is quite simple and does not require any explanation.

On the other hand, the compact size of the boxes helps them fit inside anywhere. You can have them in your bedroom or inside your closet without any problem. They will help you improve order and also serve as decorative accessories.

With a structure that does not pollute the environment

It is important to mention that this is an IKEA product that is made with a wonderful recycled polyester fabric. Therefore, the composition of this product reduces pollution in the environment and brings us closer to a more sustainable future. Then, with the purchase of the set of boxes, you can collaborate with the planet and all its living beings.

What do other users think?

  • An excellent product, very useful for organizing your drawers - easy to assemble.
  • I used these to organize under my sink. It fits very well. I was able to organize my items under my sink. It looks great!
  • Good quality. Good variety of sizes and a good price.
  • Using this in my closet to organize my clothes. The different sizes help everything to fit.
  • These are perfect for things you want together but don't share space with many different categories.
  • I love these dividers; they keep all my drawers clean and tidy.

IKEA Skubb Box price

At the moment, the fastest way to acquire this IKEA product is from the official website. In particular, for all the payment and shipping facilities that they offer within their platform. Then, you just need to look for the Skubb Box model in the Storage Boxes and Baskets section. The price of the product is only $6.99.

The definitive organizer that puts order in your drawers is from IKEA and only costs $6