Friday. 31.03.2023

This is the most searched product in Zara Home that IKEA tries to imitate — it smells like spring

Zara Home arrives again with a collection of exquisite fragrances for the home that you will love.

Zara Home scented candles home
Zara Home scented candles home

It was time for The Look to see the new collection of scented candles that the Spanish store Zara Home has for users in the United States and the world. Because as we have seen before, it is not just a delicious aroma that permeates your rooms, but an elegant container that will be a  favorite ornament on your favorite shelves or bookcases of IKEA or Urban Outfitters.

And much more when winter is about to end, to give way to spring and its characteristic smells. That is why not only Zara Home, but other stores such as Walmart, Sephora or Amazon are prepared with a catalog full of options designed to make the most of the next season. Let's take a closer look at the candles:

Zara Home tuberous scented candle

With the tuberous scented candle, you have at home the elegance of spikenard that makes you feel as if you are walking through a garden of white flowers. In addition, the combination of the base notes with its main aroma captivates you, giving you the sensation and smell of freshly cut flowers. In addition to making you feel green and citrus notes that will refresh the place where you are instant. His most outstanding notes are:

  • Output: bergamot, chamomile, and violet leaves.
  • Heart: floral, jasmine, lily of the valley, and tuberose.
  • Base: oriental, iris, and vanilla.

With a duration of 55 hours, you will have a scented candle that will create a perfect environment for any situation. Therefore, the tuberous-scented candle can be yours for a price of $35.90.

Aqua Bergamot Scented Candle

Next, Zara Home has a candle with one of the most captivating and popular aromas among the public. This is the Aqua Bergamot Scented Candle, which transports you to the Mediterranean with an invigorating fragrance of bergamot and pink grapefruit.


As well as giving you a feeling of calm and freshness thanks to the creaminess of the white peach, and a delicate floral bouquet of jasmine and blue freesia. That in the same way, turns out to be an excellent ornament for any space in your home thanks to its extremely elegant packaging. Its most striking notes are:

  • Top notes: bergamot and pink grapefruit.
  • Heart notes: white peach, blue freesia.
  • Base notes: cedar, musk.

With approximately 55 hours of use, the Aqua Bergamot Scented Candle will be a sail that will be with you in many space moments. In addition, you can buy it for a comfortable price of only $35.90.

Zara Home Leather Flower Scented Candle

Finally, we have an option designed for those who love strong and unique floral smells. The Leather Flower Scented Candle will make you enjoy a woody aroma with touches of leather. And in addition, it has the ability to bring a lot of freshness thanks to the fruity notes of lavender. With striking notes such as:

  • Top notes: fern.
  • Heart notes leather, wood.
  • Base notes: fruity.

Like the previous ones, the Leather Flower Scented Candle lasts approximately 55 hours. And you can find it for a price of $35.90.

Tips for proper use

  • Always place the candle on heat-resistant surfaces.
  • Do not light a candle in rooms with children or pets.
  • Keep the candle lit in an upright position.
  • The wick should always remain cut 0.4 inches above the wax.
  • Prevent residues from falling into the wax.
  • Keep the candle away from curtains or any type of ventilation.
  • Blow out the candle after 4 hours of uninterrupted use.
  • Blow out the candle before it is fully used, leaving the proper size of the wick.
  • When you blow out the candle, let it cool completely before using it again.

This is the most searched product in Zara Home that IKEA tries to imitate — it smells...