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The gift you always like to receive for Valentine's Day
The gift you always like to receive for Valentine's Day

TheLook team undertook the task of investigating which will be the most popular gifts for the day of love and friendship that are in the german store ALDI. We know what that day represents and how exhausting it can be, but now it will be easier because you will have gift options available that you can choose in advance.

What's more, with these gifts you'll realize that you don't need to search Amazon or Walmart, since at ALDI there are accessories, stuffed animals and dolls made with quality materials and super resistant. Undoubtedly, with these details you will let your most sentimental side emerge, and you will leave your partner surprised.

Bee Happy Valentine's Day Squishmallow

We start the gifts with the Bee Happy Valentine's Day Squishmallow. It is an adorable butterfly-shaped stuffed animal that belongs to the Squad Up Squishmallow collection. In addition, it is made with super soft and colorful materials.

bee happy 7 valentines day squishmallow
bee happy 7 valentines day squishmallow

As for the price, you can give away this beautiful stuffed animal for as little as $6.99. In addition, other features of the object are as follows.

  • It has approximate dimensions of 7”
  • You can squeeze it or even use it as a pillow
  • It is practical, it helps you to have something to distract yourself on a long car trip, to watch a movie, among others.
  • You can customize it or build the collection with other Squishmallow plushies
  • The rest of the collection is made up of stuffed animals such as a shark, a unicorn, a dragon, a dog, a cat, among others.

Jumbo Valentine's Day Squishmallow

We continue with the stuffed animals from the Squishmallow series, but this time in jumbo size. Now, it's the Bee Happy Jumbo Valentine's Day Squishmallow's turn. Create a cuteness squad with these animal-shaped stuffed animals, and start with this one that's shaped like a bee.

Like the previous ones, you can squeeze them and they will retain their shape, because they are made of soft, quality materials. However, they differ in price, these you take home for the sum of $19.99. Other important aspects of the stuffed animal are.

bee happy 20 valentines day squishmallow
bee happy 20 valentines day squishmallow
  • The stuffed animal is bigger, each one is approximately 20”
  • You can use it to lay your back and rest
  • Other animals that make up the collection are the stuffed animal in the shape of a dragon, the octopus, the dog, the lion, the mouse and the dragon.

Zuru Coco Cone

Last but not least is the Zuru Coco Cone. Although it is not part of the past collections, it consists of a soft plush inside a cone. Besides, inside the cone awaits you a surprise to discover.

The price of this cute gift is only $4.99. On the other hand, other animals that you can find inside one of these cones are the cat, a leopard, a zebra, a flamingo and a unicorn.

zuru coco cones
zuru coco cones

3 tips for washing a stuffed animal

Stuffed animals are a very nice gift and decoration that you can place in your room. However, they usually fill with dust, and are harmful to the respiratory tract. Here are 3 tips for you to properly clean your stuffed animals.

  • You can put them in the washing machine, but before, make sure that the label specifies that you can wash them this way.
  • If you put it in the washing machine, try to use neutral pH baby soap
  • Use a short wash cycle, that is, do not spend more than 10 minutes
  • To avoid raising so much dust, you can moisten a cloth and rub the surface of the doll. This will remove the layer of dust.

ALDI has the classic Valentine's gift that never fails from $5