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The father of the new Salma Hayek, Eiza González — he did not see her succeed in Hollywood

The Look has gathered all the information you need to find out who Eiza Gonzalez's father is and what is the relationship between them
The father of the new Salma Hayek, Eiza González - he did not see her succeed in Hollywood
The father of the new Salma Hayek, Eiza González - he did not see her succeed in Hollywood. Photo: Getty Images

It is an undoubted fact that the world of cinema and television has always had a wide audience that, all over the world, consumes its contents on a regular basis. It is for this reason that the professionals who are dedicated to it are able to reach high levels of popularity at international level. One of the most outstanding faces in this regard is Salma Hayek. Born on September 2, 1966 in Coatzacoalcos, she is a Mexican actress, businesswoman and producer who in recent years has received several renowned awards.

It is precisely because of the relevance of her acting career that, over the years, we have been able to receive a lot of information regarding her professional life. On the contrary, it is not so much what we know about his personal and family life. That is why, from The Look we have put together this article, which will be of great help to you to discover who is Eiza Gonzalez, the new Salma, and who is her father.

Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek

This is Salma Hayek

In order to get into more intimate aspects of her life and talk about them, it is important to first review her early years. She is the daughter of Sami Hayek Domínguez, who ran for mayor of Coarzacoalcos, and Diana Jiménez Medina, an opera singer and talent scout. His parents' marriage gave him his younger brother, Sami, who was born in 1972.

She began her studies at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau, Louisiana, when she was 12 years old. Some time later, during his adolescence, doctors diagnosed him with dyslexia. She later decided to enter the University of Mexico City, where she studied International Relations. However, her dream of becoming a professional actress appeared when she was a child.

Salma Hayek's acting career

Against her family's advice, Salma dropped out of college to focus on achieving her goal. She began taking acting classes and auditioning for jobs as they came up. Eventually, she moved to Los Angeles and attended Stella Adler's school. After a few roles in television films, he returned to Mexico and there he filmed 'Miracle Valley'.

From that moment on, she saw her acting career take off. In this sense, Hayek has been part of important film and television titles. Among them, it is worth mentioning some like 'Grown Ups', where she played Adam Sandler's wife, 'Drunk Parents', 'How to be a Latin Lover' or 'The Eternals'.

The new Salma Hayek: Eiza Gonzalez

For some time now it has been said that there is another Mexican actress who could become the new Salma Hayek. She is Eiza Gonzalez, born in Mexico City on January 30, 1990 and known mainly for her roles in the series 'Lola', 'Sueña conmigo' or 'Amores verdaderos'. However, we still don't know much about the young actress.

Eiza González
Eiza González. Photo: Europa Press

Who we do know is her father, Carlos González. Unfortunately he passed away in 2012 after a car accident and the actress always remembers him and relives his memory in one way or another. Although she has not been able to see her succeed in Hollywood, Eiza is clear that she will always keep his image alive and accompany her in all her achievements.

The father of the new Salma Hayek, Eiza González — he did not see her succeed in Hollywood