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The best IKEA gaming desk
The best IKEA gaming desk

One of the most important things when being a gamer and having to spend hours in front of the computer, is to have a good space where you feel comfortable, and your body does not suffer damage over time. And while a chair, headphones, and a great computer are part of the essentials, so is a good desk.

That's where IKEA gets involved again to give you solutions within your budget, with a fairly simple, adaptable and practical desktop design. This is the new Micke Desk, which has quickly become a best-seller throughout the United States. Being a more popular option than even those of Amazon, we cannot fail to take a look here in The Look.


IKEA Micke Desk

To play on your computer or have an organized workstation, you need to have a good desk at home. For that reason, the IKEA Micke Desk model is one of the most popular of the moment. This is a product with a simple style that stands out for its wide functionality. In particular, because it can be adapted to your preferences.

Best of all, IKEA’s Micke Desk model has a clever design. Thanks to this, you will have the option to assemble your computer in an organized way, which will help you prevent accidents. At the same time, this is an easy-to-install product that does not require constant maintenance. Just keep it dust-free.

Desk with a minimalist and versatile design

Among the main qualities of this desktop for IKEA gamers, it is necessary to highlight its design. Especially because it is a product that can fit anywhere in your home. Its minimalist style allows it to combine with different decorations, adapting naturally to the environment.

In addition, this is a versatile desk that has space to keep cables organized and out of sight. In addition, it has very good ventilation so that all electronic equipment can operate to the maximum of its capabilities.

MICKE Desk from IKEA
MICKE Desk from IKEA

Built-in storage drive so you have everything at hand

Another of the most important features of this IKEA product is the storage unit that has integrated. This is an added accessory that you can mount left or right, depending on your personal preferences. Apart from that, it has drawer stops designed not to be removed too much.

The shelves of the storage unit can be adapted to fit your needs. This way, you can always have space to store everything you want on your desktop. As a result, you won't waste much time looking for your stuff.

Designed with the best quality materials for durability

Due to the materials that this desk uses in its composition, it is a product with good resistance and durability. This can be adapted to different environments, without suffering damage to its structure. The raw material used for its elaboration has been the following:

  • Particle tab
  • Fibra with recycled honeycomb paper filling
  • Fiberboard
  • Pintura acrylic
  • Plastic edge
  • Paper sheet
  • Steel
  • Aluminum panel
  • Epoxy/polyester powder coating

IKEA Micke Desk price

Currently, the Micke Desk model is one of the best sellers on the official IKEA website. This product is available in the Computer Desks and Tables section. Its current price is $119.00 in any of its colors. In addition, this product has different methods for fast and safe shipping.

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