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IKEA presents the all-in-one furniture set that reforms and gives space to your bathroom

Complete the decoration of your bathroom in a functional way with IKEA. Discover the product that will solve all your problems.
The best collection for your bathroom at IKEA
The best collection for your bathroom at IKEA

When you have the IKEA catalog near you, you don't have to spend too much time searching other stores to complete your bathroom collection. And much less, when the decoration experts at The Look have found the new ENHET collection that includes all the shelves, mirrors, and cabinets you need. Which, in addition, is now in a fabulous discount that makes the process of equipping your house much easier.

No matter where you are in the United States, you can have it at home in a matter of minutes to enjoy one of the best-selling collections right now from the Swedish store. Which, in addition, has nothing to envy to the collection of Zara Home and Urban Outfitters.


IKEA Enhet Bathroom

To keep a bathroom in good condition and organized, the IKEA Enhet Bathroom model can be very useful. This is a product that has storage shelves and integrated mirror to cover all your needs. In this way, you can keep all your personal hygiene objects tidy in an efficient way.

And best of all, IKEA's Enhet Bathroom model has a good quality composition. It is a product that you can have in your bathroom for a long time, regardless of the environmental conditions. On the other hand, it is also important to mention that this product has a simple installation. You're just going to need the right tools.

A storage space without visual limits

Because of the way it is designed, this IKEA product can offer you different options to store your personal items. It has a deep sink cabinet and a tall cabinet with shelves. This way, you'll have enough space for bulky objects, towels, bottles, and more.

It should also be mentioned that the wall frame features a rotating shelf and hooks without drills. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to hang things in an effective way, since you can have them at your fingertips.

ENHET Bathroom
ENHET Bathroom

Give life and spaciousness to your bathroom with the power of the mirror

Another of the qualities to highlight about the design of this product is that it allows you to create a warm and cozy feeling in the bathroom. Especially since the mirror has a flat, round surface that helps the room look bigger. At the same time, the colors of the product can establish a modern dynamic in the bathroom.

Premium materials for an unparalleled product

First of all, you should keep in mind that this IKEA product is composed of several pieces. As a result, its structure is quite sturdy and adaptable. It is divided into the following sections:

  • Door and remote control.
  • Base cb f sink with shelf.
  • Cb high with 4 shelves.
  • Swivel shelf and wall shelves.
  • Bathroom faucet with filter and water trap.

On the other hand, the product structure uses good quality raw materials to extend its service life cycle. The main materials used are the following:

  • Fiberboard and plastic sheet.
  • Epoxy/polyester steel and powder coating.
  • Plastic foil and plastic edge.
ENHET Bathroom from IKEA
ENHET Bathroom from IKEA

IKEA Enhet Bathroom price

Currently, the IKEA Enhet Bathroom model is available at a bargain price. This product used to cost $602.57 and now you can buy it for as little as $581.57. The promotion is valid on the page until May 2 or until the product is finished. This can be obtained in the section of Bathroom furniture sets.

IKEA presents the all-in-one furniture set that reforms and gives space to your bathroom