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The new IKEA chair for the dining room — so comfortable that you will forget about the sofa

Decorate your home with the new traditional style chair that IKEA brings for you. An accessory of great comfort and support.
The most comfortable and popular dining chair from IKEA
The most comfortable and popular dining chair from IKEA

Almost no one says it, but the decorating experts at The Look do. The dining chairs more than beautiful in design, should be comfortable enough to allow you to enjoy any meal without any inconvenience. And it is there, when we present an IKEA furniture that in addition to a fairly affordable price, has everything to be a complete must-have.

We're talking about the Klinten Chair... A fairly minimalist, simple and classic design, but built with excellent materials that will result in you totally forgetting about that large Costco sofa you want to have in your living room. And much more, knowing that it resembles the best-selling chairs of Zara Home.


IKEA Klinten Chair

To be able to sit back and relax for as long as you want, the Klinten Chair model  from IKEA is an excellent option to consider. This is a minimalist and timeless design product that stands out for the comfort it provides. By sitting in this chair, you will feel in complete fullness and well-being, relaxing your body to release all the accumulated tension.

On the other hand, it should also be mentioned that the IKEA Klinten Chair model can be complemented with other furniture and accessories. In this way, you will have the option of getting a unique decoration inside your home. And best of all, this chair can fit into different spaces without any inconvenience.

Thick padding design and high backrest for elevated comfort

There are many important features that we can highlight about this IKEA product. Among them, it should be mentioned that the chair is fully upholstered with a thick padded seat. In addition, it is complemented wonderfully with a high and soft backrest to reduce low back pain. Thanks to this, you can feel much better.

Because of the way the upholstered seat is designed, it can distribute the user's weight equally. This reduces the pressure on the bone to sit.


Equipped with a removable case that changes its appearance

Another aspect to consider of great importance about this model of chair, is that it has a splendid removable cover. This is in one piece and can be secured with Velcro fasteners. Therefore, you can remove and replace it in a matter of seconds, without making a great effort to achieve it.

In this way, you can change the appearance of the chair in a simple way so that it fits better to the decoration of your house. On the other hand, the cover can be easily kept in good condition, since it is suitable for machine washing.

Made with the best materials

This model of dining chair from IKEA has a good quality structure. It is a product that can adapt to different environments, without suffering damage to its composition. This is due to the materials it uses, which are the following:

  • Recycled polyester fabric
  • Epoxy/polyester powder coating
  • Solid birch
  • Steel
  • Tinted lacquer
  • Poplar plywood
  • Polypropylene fibre material
  • High resilience polyurethane foam

IKEA Klinten Chair price

Today, the Klinten Chair model is available in the Dining Chairs section of the official IKEA website. This product has different styles that you can choose from the platform. Regarding its price, you have the option to buy it for only $105.00. In addition to this, there are multiple payment methods that you can choose at the moment.

The new IKEA chair for the dining room — so comfortable that you will forget about the...