Wednesday. 08.02.2023

The latest from ALDI is an appliance that helps you prepare tea in seconds — less than $19

With the kettle you will have hot water in the morning to prepare coffee and tea
Kettle at ALDI
Kettle at ALDI

A good cup of coffee in the morning is the plus you need to start the day off on the right foot. To do this, you need household appliances that make these tasks easier, especially in the United States, where the pace of life is very fast. In this way, at ALDI you can get the water heater at a good price. When you already have it in your kitchen you will wonder why you had not looked for it before.

At TheLook we tell you what are the characteristics that this utensil must have, as well as the benefits. Your kitchen will look professional with a heater, not counting your coffee maker, electric oven and air fryer.

ambiano electric glass kettle
ambiano electric glass kettle

Ambiano Electric Glass Kettle

Once again, it is the turn of electrical appliances for the kitchen, this time it is the Ambiano Electric Glass Kettle. Do you need hot water quickly for a preparation? It is possible with this water heater, also known as a kettle. It is a container made of glass with a base where the resistances are located, which when heated causes the liquid to raise its temperature.

Added to this, on one side it has a handle where you can hold it. For its part, the lid is made of plastic, and while you pour the liquid, it does not move from its place. As for the color, you have it available in two shades, gray and black.

Water Heater Features

  • Total capacity is 1.7 liters
  • Shuts off automatically
  • Has boil dry protection
  • Besides, so that you know that it is working, it has an LED light that indicates that it is in use.
  • The power base is 360°, in which there is an opening to store the cable
  • The glass of the container is made of good quality borosilicate
  • It is easy to clean
cup of hot coffee
cup of hot coffee

How to choose a water heater

The best water heater is not the one with the greatest capacity, but the one that heats the liquid faster, and this is related to power. In this sense, what you should take into account when choosing a kettle is the following.

  • Power: They are those where the boiling point is reached in less than a minute. Check that the power is between 2000 W and 2600 W.
  • Materials: Glass is ideal for this type of appliance, since heat can travel quickly through all the material. At the same time, it is a safe and resistant material. For its part, the material of the handle must be kept cold once the kettle is turned on.
  • Ergonomic: It must be a comfortable device to handle, in this way, you can incorporate it into your daily routine. In this category, size is essential, it must be of dimensions that allow you to hold it easily.
  • Security: In general, they are utensils that come with expert certification seals. In addition, temperature control is an aspect that you should not forget.
  • Design: Design is one of the last attributes to look for. Currently, most of the models move away from the classic style and lean towards the modern. However, choose according to the kitchen design you have.
  • Cleaning: Choose a model that can be cleaned without problems and that the lid has a good opening.

Ambiano Electric Glass Kettle Price

This kitchen utensil is not expensive at all and you will not run out of budget for placing an order. The total cost of the product is $18.99.

The latest from ALDI is an appliance that helps you prepare tea in seconds — less than $19