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3 oversized coffee tables from IKEA that give a spacious feeling to the living room

Complete the decoration of your living room with one of the IKEA coffee tables. A collection with models for all tastes.

3 oversized coffee tables from IKEA

Did you know that coffee tables are the perfect additive for your spaces? They fulfill the function of filling an empty space and giving it a very elegant appearance. But more than that, IKEA knows that not every table will fulfill everything you want. That's why also the decoration experts of The Look, have compiled 3 of the most elegant, striking, and modern models for you.

With designs ranging from the simplest to the most elaborate so you can drastically change the vision of a room with a single accessory. Which, in addition, will be that complement that your sofa bed and chairs were missing so much this season, and that competes with the best models of Zara Home or Amazon. Available in every corner of the United States, you can have them at home quickly.

IKEA Vittsjö Nesting tables

To create a modern and cozy atmosphere in your home, the Vittsjö Nesting tables model from IKEA is a splendid option. This set of 2 glass tables stands out for its simplicity and functionality. They will serve you to eat, drink coffee and even put decorative accessories on their surface. On the other hand, this product has the following features:

IKEA VITTSJÖ Nesting tables
IKEA VITTSJÖ Nesting tables
  • It employs steel, tempered glass, plastic edge and particleboard as main materials.
  • It is a coffee table with the following measures: 35 3/8 x 19 5/8 x 19 5/8 inches.
  • It can be kept clean of dust and stains with a damp cloth and a clean cloth.
  • This is an accessory that can support up to 22 pounds on its surface.

It should also be mentioned that the IKEA Vittsjö Nesting tables model has adjustable feet. Therefore, it is a product that fits different types of soil. Regarding its price, you can buy this coffee table for an affordable cost of $119.99.

IKEA Stockholm Coffee table

Another option that IKEA has to offer in its collection is the Stockholm Coffee table model. This is an accessory that stands out for its design that combines modern and traditional Scandinavian details. In this way, you can have a natural environment in your living room. On the other hand, this product has the following key specifications:

  • It uses steel, fiberboard, paper sheet, and colorless acrylic varnish as raw material.
  • Its dimensions are as follows: 70 7/8 x 23 1/4 x 15 3/4 inches.
  • The maximum load it can support on top is 44 pounds.

Because of its design, the IKEA Stockholm Coffee table model will also be used to place books, magazines, and other accessories. In addition, you can also store things on the bottom shelf. This product is available for as little as $349.99.

IKEA Tofteryd Coffee table

Finally, we have to mention the Tofteryd Coffee table model from the IKEA catalog. This is an option with a different style than the previous ones since its design is much more futuristic. Because of its black gloss finish, it is an accessory that can stand out in your living room. Apart from this, this product has the following key details:

  • It features a storage shelf and drawer at the bottom.
  • It is made with good quality materials such as steel, fiberboard and particles.
  • The top of the table supports up to 44 pounds without any problem.

And best of all, the IKEA Tofteryd Coffee table model can be combined with different accessories. In this way, you will get a unique style in your home. The cost of this product is $329.99.

3 oversized coffee tables from IKEA that give a spacious feeling to the living room