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3 original (and cheap) ideas to customize your Crocs shoes this spring

Meet the limited edition Jibbitz amulets Crocs has for you right now. Perfect accessories to decorate your clogs.

The best Jibbitz to adorn your Crocs
The best Jibbitz to adorn your Crocs

The classic and most striking designs of Crocs clogs are not only known in the United States but all over the world. But, beyond the designs and styles of the sandals that we all know, there is something that cannot be missing with your Crocs the Jibbitz. The ornaments gave it the boost that the Californian store needed so much in its beginnings, and that gives the opportunity to customize them to the taste of anyone.

And at The Look, we know that the customization strategy is great, especially when they are given the task of innovating in all kinds of Lucky Charms designs to change daily depending on what you want. And when they are limited editions like the ones we will see below, they even overshadow stores like Amazon or Skechers.

Crocs Lucky Charms 5 Pack

To bring good luck with you at all times, the Lucky Charms 5 Pack model from the Crocs catalog is one of the best options. This set of Jibbitz charms is composed of colorful amulets in different designs. In this way, they can easily adapt to any model of clogs. The main characteristics they have are the following:

  • They have a durable composition and remain in good condition for a long time.
  • Don’t require much maintenance. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • Easy to put on different types of Crocs, on the top or strap.
  • They are not going to let go at any time. These are kept fixed on the clogs.

Are you interested in buying the Lucky Charms 5 Pack from Crocs? Do it from the official website. The current price of this limited-edition product is $19.99. However, shipping has an additional cost.

Crocs Minecraft 5 Pack

To decorate the clogs of children or video game fans, there is the Minecraft 5 Pack model of Crocs. These limited-edition amulets pay homage to different popular ones from the popular game. For this reason, they attract attention to the naked eye and combine naturally with all kinds of footwear. In addition, these have the following qualities:

  • They are made with rubber resistant to any weather condition.
  • Amulets that you can use in clogs, sandals, and other models of Crocs.
  • They look good with shoes of different colors, both in light and dark tones.
  • You can put them on and take them off in a matter of seconds, without exerting great effort.

Regarding its price, this set of Jibbitz amulets has an economical cost of $19.99.  Like the previous package, the Crocs Minecraft 5 Pack model is available from the official website in the decorative charms section.

Crocs BT21 8 Pack

Finally, Crocs brings you a model of Jibbitz amulets with a more childish design than the previous ones on the list. This is the BT21 8 Pack, which is perfect for decorating your children's clogs. Especially, for the different styles they have that capture the imagination of the smallest of the house. In addition, they have the following specifications:

  • Can be mounted on the clogs without impairing their perspiration.
  • Don’t pollute the feet or bother them because of the texture they have.
  • They have an extensive life cycle; you just have to clean them every so often.
  • Stimulate children's imagination and creativity.

Within the official website of Crocs, you can get the BT21 8 Pack model within the Jibbitz amulet catalog. This is a limited-edition product that you can buy for a reasonable price of only $22.99. In addition, you have several payment methods.

3 original (and cheap) ideas to customize your Crocs shoes this spring