Friday. 09.06.2023
These are the Crocs trends that are sweeping 2023 and social media
These are the Crocs trends that are sweeping 2023 and social media

The 2023 trends are already more than marked, and all-over social networks are exploding the best models of the Crocs store. That style, design, and comfort have won the hearts of millions of people inside and outside the United States. With models ranging from Mega Crush Sandals to Brooklyn Low Wedges that boost the appearance of your feet to the sky.

And added to this, the experts in The Look assure that its success is also linked to the fact that no matter how the model is, they continue to maintain the comfort that so characterizes the Crocs. The reason why his designs remain one of the strongest in the clothing and footwear market, positioning himself next to renowned stores such as Nike, Adidas, and Skechers. Let’s see:

Crocs Women’s Brooklyn Low Wedge

We start with a model that differs at first glance from the traditional clogs of Crocs. The Women’s Brooklyn Low Wedge has a unique design with a platform. These stand out for the simple style they offer and the ease of combining they possess. In addition, these Crocs sandals have the following characteristics:

  • They have a silhouette of 2 straps for added safety.
  • Use LiteRide foam insoles to ensure foot comfort.
  • Feature soft, flexible Matlite uppers.
  • They have a structure that offers support and stability.

It should also be mentioned that the Women's Brooklyn Low Wedge model by Crocs uses smooth materials in its composition. Regarding their price, these sandals cost $54.99 and have free shipping.

Crocs Mega Crush Sandals

Another of the platform sandals that Crocs has available in its catalog is the Mega Crush Sandal model. This is a shoe for women with a design similar to traditional clogs. However, these differ by their smooth platform and other structural details. In the following list we will tell you about the main specifications they have:

  • The upper part consists of 2 straps and a back.
  • It is a shoe that can be customized with Jibbitz amulets.
  • They have a heavy resistance rubber tread.
  • Its composition has great flexibility and durability.

Are you interested in buying the Mega Crush Sandal model? This Crocs shoe is available for a cost of $69.99.  Thanks to this, they qualify for shipping at no additional charge.

Crocs Crush Glitter Sandal

If you are looking to stand out with your Crocs clogs, the Crush Glitter Sandal model is a splendid option for you. This is a fresh and bright design shoe, which attracts attention to the naked eye. Therefore, it is a model of sandals that you can use for casual outings. The main design details that this shoe has are the following:

  • They have a distinguished design that stands out with 2 straps.
  • Height of the platform is 2 inches.
  • They have a lightweight structure.
  • They use glitter in the midsole.

If you want to add the Crush Glitter Sandal model to your collection, you will only have to pay $54.99.  These sandals have a 90-day warranty.

Crocs Mega Crush Clog

Finally, Crocs brings you the Mega Crush Clog model from its catalog for women. Unlike the others on the list, this is a shoe with a more traditional and timeless design. Therefore, they are clogs that are better suited to being indoors. In addition, they have the following qualities:

  • They have a height of 2.4 inches.
  • Compatible with Jibbitz charms.
  • Composition that allows perspiration.
  • They protect the feet from bacteria.

On the official Crocs website, the Mega Crush Clog model is available for an affordable price of $79.99.

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