Saturday. 25.03.2023

Crocs makes you gain a few inches in height with these all-terrain platform clogs

Now you can go out and explore nature with Crocs and his new clogs. An ideal model for walking on all types of surfaces.


Spring has always been the perfect time to explore in the United States and Crocs, of course, he knows, especially since he launches models like the Hiker Clogs, perfect for any surface. While the most classic models are designed to be at home, the crocodile store dared to go a step further.

Not to be left behind with Skechers mountain boots, now it surprises even us in The Look with a more practical model. Those long walks in the park can now be more comfortable, while you enjoy the care of boots, but using your favorite Clogs.

Crocs Hiker Clog

So you don't have to wear uncomfortable walking shoes on your outdoor outings, Crocs brings you the Hiker Clog model. These clogs have a traditional design that is complemented wonderfully by a modern structure. In this way, they can be of great help on the unstable surfaces of nature, to prevent all kinds of accidents.

Best of all, the Crocs Hiker Clog model is very comfortable to use and fits easily to the feet. In addition to this, they have good quality components to be clogs of great resistance. On the other hand, we must not forget that these can be easily combined. In fact, you can use them in different situations.

Composition of 2 pieces

Despite looking like the traditional model of Crocs clogs to the naked eye, this is a shoe updated to the needs of the user. Especially, for the modern structure the clogs have to be of the best possible quality. Thanks to this, they can be useful for a long time. The composition of 2 pieces that this model has is as follows:

  • Midsole design language.
  • Updated outsole.

In this way, the clogs can offer stability on different surfaces and do not put pressure on the feet. On the contrary, they give you a good return of energy.

Clogs with optimized traction

Another of the main characteristics of this Crocs footwear is the sawtooth sole. This is designed with rubber around its entire perimeter to have better traction. As a result, clogs adapt more easily to different types of terrain, to offer the greatest possible stability.

The optimized traction of the clogs also helps with support and balance when walking. In particular, for the anti-slip capacity they have integrated into their composition.

Important details in the design

  • The design of the upper part is that of classic clogs, with breath ports and custom fit.
  • They have a midsole that has an added height of 10 mm for a better look.
  • The swivel back strap has a splendid hook and loop adjustment. In addition, it has velcro closure for additional adjustment.
  • This is a shoe that you can customize with the different packages of Jibbitz amulets from Crocs.

Crocs Hiker Clog precio

Today, the Crocs Hiker Clog model can be purchased from the official website. In this way, you do not have to leave home and you can make the purchase in a matter of minutes. The price of this shoe is $59.99 and has free shipping to different areas of the United States. In addition, they have a 90-day warranty coverage.

Crocs makes you gain a few inches in height with these all-terrain platform clogs