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Markus Zusak's wife that hardly anyone knows and she posts everything on Instagram

This information that The Look has gathered for you is all you need to find out who Markus Zusak's wife is and how she uses her social networks
This is Markus Zusak's wife that hardly anyone knows and she posts everything on Instagram
This is Markus Zusak's wife that hardly anyone knows and she posts everything on Instagram. Photo: Getty Images

If there is something capable of accompanying us in our best and worst moments, without ever making us feel alone or misunderstood, that is a book. In these terms, literature is something highly valued by certain parts of society, but very little used by the rest. For their part, the former are what make the professionals dedicated to it capable of reaching high levels of popularity on an international level. One of the most prominent names in this regard is Markus Zusak. Born in Sidney on June 23, 1975, he is an Australian writer known for some of his novels such as 'Crossed Letters' or 'The Book Thief'.

It is precisely because of the relevance of his work career that, over the years, we have been able to receive a lot of information about his professional life. However, not so much what we know about his personal and love life. For this reason, from The Look we have prepared for you this article, thanks to which you will discover who his wife is and what is the use he makes of his social networks.

Markus Zusak
Markus Zusak

This is Markus Zusak

Before we go into more intimate aspects of his life and talk about them, it is important to review his early years. He is the son of an Austrian and a German, although his parents decided to move to Australia in the late 50's and it was there where they met. Their marriage gave Markus his three older brothers.

Zusak began to show an interest in literature at an early age. So much so that by the age of 16 he was already writing fiction books. He graduated with a degree in pedagogy and before turning professionally to what he had discovered to be his passion, he worked for a short time as a house painter, a high school English teacher and a janitor.

Markus Zusak's career as a writer

The first steps of his career in literature were writing young adult fiction. His first novel, 'The Underdog', was published in 1999, and from then on his career took off. This was followed by two sequels, 'Fighting Ruben Wolfe' and 'When Dogs Cry', in 2001 and 2002 respectively.

After this, he went on to make his own name in the world of literature and became one of the great references. In this sense, the work with which she made the definitive leap to success was 'The Book Thief', which she published in 2005. It is a book set in the Nazi era with Liesel Meminger as the protagonist. In addition to this, he has been the author of other important titles of current literature.

Who is Markus Zusak's wife?

Returning to more personal aspects of his life, specifically his history with love, we know that it has been a few years since he met the love of his life. When you are sure that you have found your person, few things are able to come between you. This is exactly what has happened to Markus with his love.

Her name is Mika Zusak and, from what she shows in her social networks, she is her husband's number one follower. If we take a look at her publications, we can see that a large part of them refer to Markus' works. Taking this into account, we dare to assure that both have found in each other their perfect person and have managed to understand and complement each other as a united marriage.

Markus Zusak's wife that hardly anyone knows and she posts everything on Instagram