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Neither a closet nor a shelf — the IKEA solution for storing is this bed with drawers

Complete the decoration of your room with the new model of upholstered bed from IKEA. A timeless accessory for any bedroom.
The best IKEA bed that helps you save space
The best IKEA bed that helps you save space

One of the best features that have beds, tables, chairs ... And most of IKEA's home products are not only modern and stylish but also extremely practical. This is one of the many reasons why the Swedish store remains one of the most popular in the United States and the world... Especially when it includes in its catalog products such as the bed that turns out to be the protagonist in The Look today.

In addition to fitting into any decoration and style... From the most classic to the most modern, it gives you the possibility to give a boost to the order. This detail of including cabinets under the bed, is the reason why this bed competes against the best models of Amazon or Zara Home, so let's take a look.

IKEA GLADSTAD Upholstered bed
IKEA GLADSTAD Upholstered bed

IKEA Gladstad Upholstered bed

To be able to sleep comfortably during the night and improve your sleep cycle, the Gladstad Upholstered bed model from IKEA is an ideal choice. This is a bed with a traditional style that can fit inside any type of bedroom. And best of all, it will also allow you to improve the organization in your room and reduce clutter.

Because of the way it is made, the Gladstad Upholstered bed model from IKEA can be useful for many years to come. This product uses high-quality materials and can be kept in good condition in a simple way. On the other hand, this model of bed with storage can be installed easily and without help.

Minimalist design with the maximum benefit

The first thing that stands out about this IKEA product is that it has a classic style of great functionality and versatility. Especially because it can create a cozy atmosphere within any type of room. In addition, it has modern details to raise its quality and improve the comfort it can offer. These details are as follows:

  • Padded headboard
  • Soft case

With the padded headboard, you can have soft and comfortable support that helps you reduce muscle pain. Instead, the light texture of the softcover will offer you comfort and allow you to hide stains on the bed. This is because it is woven in 3 shades of gray.

GLADSTAD Upholstered bed
GLADSTAD Upholstered bed

Useful and attractive storage boxes

It is also necessary to mention that the bed has 4 storage boxes upholstered in the lower part of its structure. This will allow you to have additional space to store accessories that you are not using. This way you improve the order inside your room and you can get everything you are looking for in the shortest possible time.

The storage drawers that the bed has are easy to unfold, thanks to the pulling handles that have integrated. Thanks to this, you will have simple and silent access whenever you want.

High-quality construction for a stylish bedroom

Thanks to the materials it uses, this IKEA bed is very robust and durable. The raw material used is as follows:

  • Recycled polyester fabric and polyester wadding
  • Layered glued veneer and laminated wood veneer
  • Adhesive resin as coating
  • Steel and felt lining
  • Polyurethane foam
  • Epoxy powder coating – polyester
  • Particle board
GLADSTAD Upholstered bed from IKEA
GLADSTAD Upholstered bed from IKEA

IKEA Gladstad Upholstered bed Price

Currently, the Gladstad Upholstered bed model from IKEA can be purchased directly from the official website. This product is available within the section of Platform beds size Full, Queen and King, with a reasonable price of $449.00.  In addition, you have multiple payment methods to make the purchase.

Neither a closet nor a shelf — the IKEA solution for storing is this bed with drawers