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This is the disease that Lewis Capaldi suffers from that everyone is talking about

From The Look we have compiled all the information you need to know to find out what is the disease that Lewis Capaldi is suffering from and that everyone knows
This is the disease that Lewis Capaldi suffers from that everyone is talking about
This is the disease that Lewis Capaldi suffers from that everyone is talking about

Something that happens very often is that music turns out to be that unconditional friend that, no matter what happens in our day, is able to fix it and make us forget any worry, as well as bring a smile to our face when it seems impossible. For this reason, it has a long list of followers around the world who consume its contents on a regular basis. One of the most recognized faces in this sense is Lewis Capaldi. Born on October 7, 1996 in Glasgow, he is a British singer and songwriter who has been dedicated to the music sphere almost since he came into the world.

Precisely because of the relevance of his musical career is why, over the years, we have been able to receive a lot of information about his professional life. However, there are still certain aspects of his personal life that we still don't fully know. For this reason, from The Look we have prepared this article, which will be of great help to you to discover what is the disease he suffers from and that everyone is talking about.

Lewis Capaldi
Lewis Capaldi

This is Lewis Capaldi

In order to delve into more intimate aspects of his life and talk about them, first it is important that we review his early years. He is the son of a nurse and a fisherman, two professions that have nothing to do with the music industry. His parents' marriage gave him his three brothers and he is the nephew of the famous 'Doctor Who' actor, Peter Capaldi.

It was from a very young age that Lewis has been showing the world his great vocation and talent for everything related to music. When he was only nine years old, he began taking piano and guitar lessons. Similarly, at the age of 12 he was already performing in cafes and pubs. Far from moving away from achieving his dream of becoming a singer, he continued working and became more widely known through SoundCloud and other networks.

Lewis Capaldi's career as a singer

Thanks to this, the one who would later become his manager, Ryan Walter, discovered him when he was 17 years old. At the beginning of 2017 and independently, he released his first record work, under the title 'Bruises'. To be part of his beginnings, the truth is that he reaped considerable success with it, although moderate. This song, along with three others, were part of his debut album, 'Bloom', which he released in 2018.

Now yes, this work had a great recognition among his followers. From this moment, Lewis could see how his career in music began to take off in a notorious way. Thus, he reached the 17th position in the UK Singles Chart and obtained his first gold record in the United Kingdom.

Likewise, he also managed to enter the Irish music charts for the first time with his song 'Tough'. Another of the singles from his second EP was 'Someone You Loved', which became a trend in both Europe and America. After this, he has filled the music charts with his hit songs.

What disease does Lewis Capaldi suffer from?

Returning to more specific aspects of his personal life, something that many people talk about regarding the singer is the disease that has been marking his reality for several years. It is Tourette's Syndrome and consists of a mental health problem that, on certain occasions, makes its symptoms appear in the form of outbreaks.

On occasions, this problem has manifested itself while he was at one of his concerts. Despite this, both his fans and himself have always played it down. In fact, Capaldi has said on several occasions that it is not a problem for him and that he is completely fine. It is clear that the mind and attitude with which we face the negative is decisive in how things that happen to us affect us.

This is the disease that Lewis Capaldi suffers from that everyone is talking about