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This is the type of cancer that Hugh Jackman suffers from — it can accelerate in summer

From The Look we have gathered all the information you need to find out what type of cancer Hugh Jackman has been diagnosed with and why in the summer it can go to more
This is the type of cancer that Hugh Jackman suffers from
This is the type of cancer that Hugh Jackman suffers from

We could say that, since its beginnings, the world of cinema has always had a wide audience that, all over the world, consumes and values its contents on a regular basis. This is what allows professionals dedicated to it to reach high levels of international popularity. One of the most prominent names in this regard is Hugh Jackman. Born in Sydney on October 12, 1968, he is an Australian actor, singer and film producer who owes much of his fame to the role of Wolverine, which he brought to life in the 'X-Men' films.

Precisely because of the relevance of his acting career is why, over the years, we have been receiving a lot of information regarding his professional life. However, it is not so much what we know about more personal aspects of his life and, therefore, from The Look we wanted to gather all the information necessary to understand the type of cancer he has been diagnosed with and what can be done to cure it.

Hugh Jackman. 'X-Men'
Hugh Jackman. 'X-Men'

This is Hugh Jackman

To delve into more intimate aspects of his life and to be able to talk about them, first it is important that we do a review of his early years. He is the son of Christopher John Jackman, an accountant, and Grace McNeil Greenwood. His parents' marriage gave him his three older siblings, Ian, Ralph and Sonya, but both decided to divorce when he was only eight years old.

Hugh began his studies at Pymble Public School and later entered the Knox Grammar School in Sydney. After graduating, he began working at Uppingham School in England, and on his return to Sydney he decided to study for a degree in journalism at the University of Technology Sydney. He obtained this degree in 1991.

Hugh Jackman's wife - age, wedding and children
Hugh Jackman

What type of cancer has Hugh Jackman been diagnosed with?

The most recent news about the actor is not as positive as we would have liked, quite the contrary. Although it has been 10 years since Jackman was diagnosed, he has recently undergone a new biopsy to take another step in his fight to defeat the disease.

Specifically, we are talking about a basal cell carcinoma that has caused him to develop skin cancer. After his latest intervention, Hugh has decided to post a photo on his Instagram profile, accompanied by a text in which he tries to "raise awareness of a problem that continues to grow exponentially around the world."

This is the treatment to cure the type of cancer suffered by Hugh Jackman

In the same way, he has pointed out that these basal cell carcinomas are the least dangerous in the world of skin cancer, but he has still been fighting against it for a whole decade. For this reason, he has also wanted to raise awareness among his followers to always use sun protection, as a way to prevent this type of cancer.

In this regard, the cases of patients suffering from this disease have increased during the last two years. Some of the prevention and treatment measures are early diagnosis and the effectiveness of the digital dermoscopy system to achieve such diagnosis.

This is the type of cancer that Hugh Jackman suffers from — it can accelerate in summer