Thursday. 09.02.2023

Fever in Walmart for the offer of the robot vacuum cleaner that removes pet hair in seconds

This iRobot appliance will leave the floor of your home like a mirror and you can control everything from your mobile

The robot vacuum cleaner that removes hair from carpets and floors
The robot vacuum cleaner that removes hair from carpets and floors

Let the robot vacuum complete all the cleaning work in your home. This time Walmart surprises with a discount on the iRobot brand robot, perfect for making your home look impeccable while you're at work. From TheLook we are passionate about getting to know smart devices, especially those that make your daily tasks easier, as well as utensils that we have already mentioned, such as vacuum cleaners, food processors and air fryers.

This latest technology is not exclusive to Walmart, United States, it is too big for other stores like Amazon or Target not to find this product in their web catalog. Finally, remember that the three cleaning modes will allow you to incorporate the robot into your cleaning system.

Walmart Robot Vacuum
iRobot Roomba 676

Spotless floors with the Walmart Robot Vacuum

Activate the cleaning operation, but without moving a single finger in the process with the Robot Vacuum Roomba 676 from the iRobot brand. This device has the ability to move thanks to the iAdapt 1.0 navigation system, these are intelligent commands that are executed through the robot's sensors.

However, these commands are basic, so it does not have the mapping function. The style and design is very similar to other robots in the same line, but with the difference that this model has a handle for transport. On the other hand, the command panel consists of three buttons (Spot, Clean and Dock). As for the three cleaning functions, what you should know is the following.

  • Spot function: The robot will begin to move in a circular fashion in a range of 1 meter. This configuration is for limited areas of the house, and where dust can easily accumulate.
  • Clean function: It is the default option. The robot makes an analysis of what it should clean.
  • Cleaning mode: It is the function that allows you to program the day and time of cleaning
Robot Vacuum Roomba 676
iRobot Roomba 676

Qualities of the Robot Vacuum

  • Dimensions: 9.2 cm high, with a diameter of 34 cm
  • The Dock button is for the robot to go to its charging station
  • It has an automatically adjustable head, with this the height increases by 2 cm
  • The appliance's brushes can sweep any type of surface, and can remove dust and animal hair.
  • Additionally, it has a side brush that is useful for cleaning skirting boards
  • It has a 600 ml capacity tank
  • Receive Wi-Fi connection
  • Full charge time is two hours, for a continuous life of 60 minutes
  • You can link it with virtual assistants such as Alexa

Robot Vacuum Care

To avoid wrong commands on the device, you have to follow some maintenance and care recommendations.

  • You must remove the lint from the filter, fundamentally, after the robot does each cleaning cycle.
  • It is good that you change the filter when it has been used for three months
  • Remove dust and lint from the robot's wheels once a week
  • After every 2 cleaning cycles, you have to clean the brushes
  • Try to buy original spare parts when you have to change a part
iRobot Vacuum
iRobot Roomba 676

Walmart Robot Vacuum Price

The regular cost of the device is $269.99, but with the discount it is $174.00, that is, you are saving almost $100.00. In addition, you can pay for monthly installments of $17 each. Besides, if you are not satisfied you can return it, you have 90 days for free returns.

Fever in Walmart for the offer of the robot vacuum cleaner that removes pet hair in...