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Sorry IKEA: Walmart's TV cabinet with fireplace included that every interior decorator loves

For you to relax in the afternoon watching TV, Walmart presents you with a very useful console

Walmart Kellum Media Fireplace Console for TVs
Walmart Kellum Media Fireplace Console for TVs

Organization and convenience can go hand in hand with this console cabinet from Walmart. It is a new product that is capturing the attention of interior designers in the United States. A piece of furniture made with the perfect measurements and for televisions no larger than 55”.

The experts at TheLook have this piece of furniture as a clear competition against other pieces of furniture in the same category at Target or Costco. It is not a simple console, it is a TV stand with a built-in fireplace, which will provide you with comfort and warmth while you watch your favorite programs and series.

kellum media fireplace console TVs
kellum media fireplace console TVs

Kellum Media Fireplace Console for TVs

Fireplaces are a vital part of the house, especially on cold days. Now, at Walmart, they mixed the idea of a comfortable area, plus the entertainment that a TV screen can provide. This is how the Kellum Media Fireplace Console for TVs arrives. It consists of a console with fireplace included, a 23” insert that heats up to 400 feet.

Next, the effect of the flame is very real, you will hardly notice that it is not real fire. Added to this, you have storage areas on the sides of the console. You have two drawers with their doors, and on the console a section divided into two sections.

Added to this, in the drawers you have sections that are adjustable. Enough space for you to place what you want, such as game consoles, TV accessories, movies, among others.

TV Stand Features

  • The finish of the structure is professional, and available in two tones. Choose the one that suits your interior decoration.
  • At the same time, the console has a country and rustic appearance. This is thanks to the "x" shaped details on the drawer doors.
  • The frame is made of a material that is an imitation of granite
  • You can place the furniture in the living room of the house
  • Although it is specified that it is only suitable for 55” televisions, the range can be extended up to 70”.
  • The fireplace has a lining made of synthetic stone
  • It has an open compartment so that you can place audio and video elements
  • Includes an easy-to-use remote control
  • For the flame to ignite, you just have to connect it to a standard electrical outlet
fireplace console TVs
fireplace console TVs

Technical details

  • Dimensions: 47 x 15 x 34”
  • Maximum screen size: 55”
  • Materials: metal, granite and synthetic stone
  • Warranty: One year
  • Reviews: positive, 4.1/5

Recommendations to take care of the console

  • Never leave the periodic revision of the console to the last minute. This action ensures that it works properly, since you will be able to detect any failure in time. Besides, you can perform maintenance every 6 months.
  • Do not let children near the console, although there is no apparent danger, it is best to supervise children while they are near the console.
walmart kellum media fireplace console TVs
walmart kellum media fireplace console TVs

Price of Fireplace Console for TVs

Have you seen a console that was so functional? You can place the TV, and at the same time you can see a cozy fireplace. The regular price of the console is $299.99. Although, it has a promotion on the page, specifically, a special discount, which leaves the console at only $198.00.

On the other hand, you do not have to pay cash, you can choose to pay through monthly installments of $19.00 with affirm. Finally, the shipping of the order is free.

Sorry IKEA: Walmart's TV cabinet with fireplace included that every interior decorator...