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You thought Patricia Arquette was taller than you — here's how tall she is, her age and husbands

This information that we at The Look have gathered for you is all you need to know about Patricia Arquette's height and other aspects of her personal life
You thought Patricia Arquette was taller than you - here's how tall she is, her age and husbands
You thought Patricia Arquette was taller than you - here's how tall she is, her age and husbands. Photo: EuropaPress

It is a reality that we all know that the film industry has always had a large audience around the world that consumes its content on a regular basis. It is for this reason that professionals dedicated to it can reach high levels of popularity internationally. One of the most prominent faces in this regard is Patricia Arquette. Born in Chicago, Illinois, on April 8, 1968, she is an American actress who has won important awards such as an Oscar, three Golden Globes, a BAFTA, two Emmy Awards and two Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Precisely because of the relevance of her career in the world of acting is why, over the years, we have been receiving a lot of information about her professional life. On the contrary, what we know about his personal life is not so much. That's why, from The Look, we have put together this article, which will be of great help to you to discover how tall she really is, how old she is and who her current husband is.

Patricia Arquette
Patricia Arquette. Photo: EuropaPress

This is Patricia Arquette

In order to dive into more intimate and specific aspects of her life and talk about them, first it is important that we review her early years. She is the daughter of Lewis Arquette, also a professional actor, and Mardinignshi Nowak, an actress and writer also known as Brenda Denaut. However, her mother died of breast cancer in 1997.

Her parents' marriage gave Patricia her four siblings, Rosanna, Alexis, Richmond and David, all of whom are also actors. Therefore, we can say that she is surrounded by a family in which almost all of them are closely related to the world of acting.

Patricia made her debut in the theater when she was only nine years old. Thus, at 15 she decided to move in with her older sister, Rosanna, and began working more regularly in show business at the age of 18. It was then when her career as an actress began to take off and, to this day, she has been part of important titles such as 'Medium', 'The Act Dee Dee Blanchard', 'Boyhood' or 'Escape at Dannemora', among many others.

How tall is Patricia Arquette?

It is true that, at first glance, Arquette may appear to be a person of very short stature. In fact, the reality is not much farther from that statement. According to the data on the internet, her height is 5 feet 1.41 inches, or 1.56 meters.

Also, taking into account the date of birth of the actress, Patricia is 55 years old. Being aware that, officially, she started her career in acting at the age of 18, in all this time she has been able to make many and very important contributions to the film industry.

Patricia Arquette
Patricia Arquette. Photo: EuropaPress

Patricia Arquette's current husband

Regarding Patricia's love life, we know that she has been married several times. First she married actor Nicolas Cage and then Thomas Jane, but in both cases they decided to sign a divorce. She also had a relationship with musician Paul Rossi, with whom she had her son Enzo.

As of today, her current partner is the artist Eric White, born in 1968. This was the last information that, in this sense, came to light regarding Arquette, although the truth is that we do not know if this relationship is still alive or if, like the previous ones, they have already gone their separate ways.

You thought Patricia Arquette was taller than you — here's how tall she is, her age and...