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3 Zara dresses that are sweeping the spring that you should not miss

Discover the best dresses that Zara brings for you this spring season. A complete collection for all tastes.
Zara has the best beach dresses
Zara has the best beach dresses

At The Look, we know that the best designers can do the best with every season... From coats for autumn and winter to the most casual and colorful dresses for the spring and summer seasons. And Zara, being one of the most popular fashion stores not only in the United States but the world, is not far behind to bring you the best options.

With a collection of open dresses, designed to get the best out of your skin under the sun, without neglecting the excellent taste that so characterizes the Spanish store throughout each season. And that, without a doubt, steals the clientele of Macy's or Urban Outfitters thanks to the best designs ranging from Denim Midi Dress to Short Textured Dress. Let's see what it's all about:

Zara Denim Midi Dress

For cool environments and casual occasions, there is no better option than the Denim Midi Dress model from Zara. This is a long dress with a traditional style and fresh composition. It will help you keep your body sweat-free and will not reduce your movement in any way. In addition, this dress has the following design details:

  • The straps on the crew neck can be adjusted to your preferences.
  • They have a splendid flowering-style wall trim.
  • The composition of the dress is completely cotton.
  • It is a garment that you can machine wash with a delicate cycle.

It is also important to mention that this is a dress that meets social, environmental and health and safety standards. In this way, its production does not harm any individual. As for its price, Zara's Denim Midi Dress model is currently available for $49.90. Although, shipping has an additional cost of $5.95.

Zara Striped Linen Blend Mini Dress

Another option that Zara has available for outdoor outings in cool environments, is the Striped Linen Blend Mini Dress model.  This is a shorter dress than the previous model, however, it also provides a high degree of comfort. Especially, for the freedom of movement it offers. On the other hand, it has the following characteristics:

  • It has a hidden zipper closure in the back seam.
  • Its composition uses a fabric mixed with linen with viscose.
  • It is suitable for dry cleaning of tetrachloroethylene.
  • The texture it has does not generate irritation in the skin.

In general, Zara's Striped Linen Blend Mini Dress model is a good choice for the warmer months of the year. You can even use it during other seasons where you want to shine your figure. Regarding its price, on the official website of Zara you can get this dress for only $45.90.

Zara Short Textured Dress

Finally, we must mention the Short Textured Dress model from Zara's spring collection. This is one of the most sensual garments in the catalog, because of the way it is designed. The dress can highlight your figure completely, without reducing mobility or making you feel uncomfortable. In addition, it has the following specifications:

  • It has a neckline in peak that highlights the figure.
  • Made with polyester and elastane.
  • It is a dress suitable for machine washing.
  • Can be combined with all kinds of accessories.

Taking into account its composition, the Short-Textured Dress model from Zara can serve you on different occasions. Both for departures during the day and at night. On the other hand, if you are interested in buying this garment, you can do it from the official website. The price it owns is $39.90.

3 Zara dresses that are sweeping the spring that you should not miss