Wednesday. 08.02.2023

Zara Home launches two alternatives to rest and sunbathe in the garden or on the beach

Zara Home already has on sale those accessories that you will like so much in your garden for the spring season.

The Zara Home hammock ideal for resting
The Zara Home hammock ideal for resting

It's time to start thinking about the new accessories that you will put in your garden for the spring season when the trees and flowers begin to bloom again.  Zara Home knows that winter is behind us, and it's time to get your best clothes and shoes out of the house, to sit in a backyard and breathe in the fresh spring air.

That's why The Look advisors found some fantastic accessories that will complement your home décor this year. For you and the whole family, a hammock and a classic wooden chair will become the favorite place to rest. Available at a juicy discount at any Zara Home store in the United States, you can quickly have them at home.

Zara Home Striped Hammock

No one doubts the comfort of beds and sofas, but a resting accessory that can not be missing more than anything in your garden is a hammock. Or even if you have a store that you only take out when you go to the beach, anyway, they are an unmissable accessory for any season.


As is the Striped Hammock from Zara Home, in addition to being comfortable, has a highly elegant and versatile design. It adapts to the style of many homes, because having a neutral beige color, it can adapt to any type of decoration. If you place some sheets or pillows on it, you will have the ideal space to take a nap under the shade of a palm tree. Especially when you have a discount price that changes the price from $179 to $119.

Composition and care

  • MAIN SCREEN (50%)
    • 41% polyester.
    • 37% cotton.
    • 22% viscose.
    • 72% polyester.
    • 17% cotton.
    • 11% viscose.

When it comes to your care, Zara Home recommends machine washing with a temperature of up to 30°C/86°F, in a gentle cycle. Do not use bleach as it could discolor and damage the fabric. Once clean, you should not iron it and we do not recommend dry cleaning. The most effective way to have it as new in a short time is to dry it to dryer with low power.


  • Height: 51.2"
  • Width: 78.7".
  • Depth: 0.4".
  • Weight: 2.44 kg.

Zara Home Mango Wood Folding Chair

A simple but highly necessary complement to garden decoration is a classic wooden chair. It doesn't matter if the design is straightforward, and it doesn't matter if you don't have a cushion back, sometimes simplicity is all we need. That's why Zara Home has the Mango Wood Folding Chair, which you can also take to the beach.


The most comfortable thing about this design is that it is a chair that you can fold and store wherever and whenever you want. And despite being made entirely of wood, it is very comfortable for you to be on it as many times as you want.

It is made of 100% tree wood handle, making it very durable and comfortable. However, Zara Home recommends keeping it away from rain, water and wet clothes because over time it can absorb moisture deteriorating the quality of the wood. Like the previous product, this Mango Wood Folding Chair is at an incredible discount price of $199, because previously you found it at $269.


  • Height: 33.9".
  • Width: 22.4".
  • Depth: 22.8".
  • Weight: 7.86kg.

Zara Home launches two alternatives to rest and sunbathe in the garden or on the beach