Thursday. 09.02.2023

Zara Home reinvents the bedside table in its latest collection — a pull-out shelf for breakfast

Greater comfort, design and style is what you will have at home with a new Zara Home table that reinvents the way you decorate your room.

The functional Zara Home table
The functional Zara Home table

Zara Home comes this 2023 with a reinvented catalog so that your tables, shelves and all kinds of accessories, in addition to decorating your spaces, are highly functional. For example, the Oak Wood Bedside Table, which is not a simple table, but extendable support for you to eat your breakfasts quietly in bed or to have a larger space to place your phone, glasses or a book at night.

As we have seen previously in The Look, what earns good reviews is the benefit you can get from an article. And these types of designs which are also minimalist and very adaptable, offer solutions that you did not know you needed until you have them. Reason why they are increasingly popular in the United States and are clear competition from IKEA or Costco.


Zara Home Oak Wood Bedside Table

One of the best advantages and advances we have in furniture is that now the models are usually much more functional and adaptable. A table does not have to be a simple table, but also a space to eat or store a few extra objects.

As on this occasion in which we detail the Oak Wood Bedside Table of the Spanish store, which at first glance may seem like any table but in reality, it is not. When placed next to your bed, it becomes an extendable table that you can use for breakfast or dinner in bed, as well as to place a coffee or tea while reading your favorite book.

Made with the best materials

Apart from being highly functional, one of the best advantages is that it is made of 100% oak wood. One of the most resistant types of wood, as it is able to repel moisture. Being hard and heavy, it resists colder and wetter climates without deteriorating, so it also works to be placed outdoors.


Unique and personalized designs

If you are a lover of originality and the unique, you enjoy the advantage that these models have details and designs that vary from one model to another. Since everything will depend on the patterns that the wood has at the time it is being used for the manufacture of the Oak Wood Bedside Table. Therefore, you will enjoy a unique and original table that will not be compared to any other.

A table that will last a long time

Thanks to the fact that it is a highly durable and water-resistant wood, the hardness of the wood increases. The reason why oak wood is very popular to make furniture of this type, is designed for rustic houses that plan to have furniture that lasts years.

However, even though it can be a durable and water-resistant table, Zara Home advises not to place wet and hot things for a long time on its surface. In the same way with the passage of time, it is correct to increase the care and change the space where it is placed to a shaded.

Measures and care

  • Height: 20.9 inches.
  • Width: 19.3 inches.
  • Depth: 14.6 inches.
  • Weight: 15,78 kg.
  • Self-assembly: No.
  • Clean with dry or wet microfiber cloth with a non-corrosive detergent.

Zara Home Oak Wood Bedside Table Price

Zara Home wants to reach you no matter where you are, so that your spaces are decorated according to your taste with durable and elegant products. As it does with the Oak Wood Bedside Table, which you can find for a price of $329.00. You will have it in a short time at home, and you can start enjoying all the benefits it has for you.

Zara Home reinvents the bedside table in its latest collection — a pull-out shelf for...