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All about Amanda Holden — age, husbands, and their children

This information that we at The Look have gathered is all you need to know to find out who Amanda Holden is, who she shares her life with and what her family is like
All about Amanda Holden
All about Amanda Holden

Born on February 16, 1971 in Portsmouth, Hampshire, Amanda Holden is a British actress, singer and presenter and an important figure in the media. As part of her long and relevant professional career in the world of television, it is worth mentioning her work as a judge on ITV's Britain's Got Talent, since it began in 2007. Along with other appearances she has had in the medium, this is one of the ones that has earned Amanda the most popularity.

As far as her professional career is concerned, there are many facts that, over the years, we have been able to know, although we will go deeper into them. However, not so much information has been revealed about her personal life. For this reason, from The Look we have written this article with everything you need to know to know about Holden, as well as her family and her relationship with love.

Amanda Holden
Amanda Holden

This is Amanda Holden

First of all, Amanda is the daughter of British parents, her mother's name is Judith and her father is Frank Holden. She grew up in southern Hampshire and, at the age of nine, she enrolled in the Little Theatre Company. She knew very early on that she wanted to pursue acting.

This opened the door for him to participate in various plays organized by his school, Swanmore High School. During his teenage years, Holden moved to Bournemouth and managed to graduate from the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts.

Amanda Holden
Amanda Holden

Her successful professional career

Once she finished her training as an actress, she began to enter the world of television when, in 1994, she appeared in the soap opera 'EastEnders'. From that moment on, she began to participate in various films that would serve to make her known.

All this led to one of her main jobs. Between 2006 and 2008, Amanda gave life to the main character of Sarah Trevanion in three successful series of 'Wild At Heart'.

She also took her first steps as a TV presenter and, as of today, she is especially known for being the longest-serving judge on 'Britains Got Talent', where she has been working for a total of 11 seasons.

Amanda Holden's love life

As far as her love life is concerned, we know that the British star has been married twice. The English comedian, Les Dennis, was her first husband in 1995 and, after five years of relationship, they decided to separate.

After him, the actress fell in love with a musician named Chris Hughes. With him she had her first child and, two years later, they got married. The couple married at Babington House in Somerset and, since then, both have remained close and very happy.

Amanda Holden and her husband Chris Hughes
Amanda Holden and her husband, Chris Hughes

What is Amanda and Chris Hughes' family like?

Their love led them to form a family together. It started with their first child, Hollie Hughes, who was born in 2006. In 2010, Amanda suffered a miscarriage of what was to be the couple's second child.

A year later, Chris and Holden decided to try again and this time they welcomed their second daughter, Alexa Hughes.

We can't promise that this love will last forever, but this couple has always been very close and boasted about their idyllic relationship.

All about Amanda Holden — age, husbands, and their children