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All about Erick Sermon - age, job and who his wife could have been but wasn't

From The Look we have gathered in this article all the information you need to get to know Erick Sermon and the person with whom he shares his life
Erick Sermon
All about Erick Sermon

Born on November 25, 1968, in Bay Shore, New York, Erick Sermon is a rapper and hip hop producer who, thanks to his successful professional career, has become one of the symbols of this style of music. For more than 30 years, Sermon has enjoyed great success and a strong reception of his albums by his fans, which has been the key to his popularity in the music industry.

The African-American rapper has received a wide range of awards for his work during his professional career. Erick has worked as a solo artist, as a member of popular groups and even as a producer for important artists. However, as far as his personal life is concerned, we can't say that we have much information. For this reason, from The Look we want you to know a little more about him and who he was about to share his life with.

Erick Sermon
Erick Sermon

What has his musical career been like?

Erick Sermon's first steps in the music world were during the decade of the 80s and 90s. Throughout that time, the rapper was part of the group EPMD, something that gave him the impetus he needed to begin his solo career.

He began recording his first albums with Def Jam. A year later, he recorded a version of the song Rapper's Delight, with Keith Murray and Redman. That title was the first big hit that rap had worldwide.

After EPMD disbanded in 1998, Sermon began the year 2000 by moving to J Records and releasing the album 'Music'. One of the songs on this album became a number 2 R&B hit.

In his role as producer, Erick has worked for renowned artists such as Keith Murray and Method Man, among others. He has also collaborated with Das EFX, Blackstreet and En Vogue.

He has received several awards

As a result of the great success of Sermon's musical career, the African-American has been recognized on several occasions.

Among the highlights of his career, we can highlight the 26 platinum albums he has achieved as a rapper, writer and producer.

Erick Sermon
Erick Sermon, rapper and hip hop producer

Likewise, four of his albums have been number one in a row, something that had never been achieved before in the history of Hip Hop.

In addition to introducing some of the names and groups that are currently popular in this style of music, he has also sold a total of 60 million records worldwide.

What about his personal life?

Although it is true that, despite knowing so much about his professional life, the information we have about his personal life is very scarce. We know that Erick has two sisters: Kim and Tomara Sermon.

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams

A few years ago, the media began to echo a possible relationship with Wendy Williams, but this story did not have the success that both expected.

The reality is that, beyond speculations, we don't know the identity of his partner and we can't even be sure that he has one.

All about Erick Sermon - age, job and who his wife could have been but wasn't