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All about Jimmy Kimmel's net worth — wife, wedding and houses

From The Look we have all the information you need to know about Jimmy Kimmel's net worth and how is the day to day life with his wife
All about Jimmy Kimmel's net worth - wife, wedding and houses
All about Jimmy Kimmel's net worth - wife, wedding and houses

Something that is very difficult to doubt nowadays is that everything related to the world of television and show business, from way back, have always accumulated large amounts of followers who consume their content on a regular basis. That is why professionals who are dedicated to this reach high levels of international popularity. This is the case of Jimmy Kimmel. Born in Brooklyn, New York, on November 13, 1967, he is an American comedian, actor, host, screenwriter and television producer who owes much of his fame to the program 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'.

Precisely because of the relevance of his television career is why, over the years, we have been able to receive a lot of information about his professional life. However, we do not know so much about more specific and personal aspects and, for this reason, from The Look we have prepared this article, which will be of great help to find out what is his heritage and who is his wife.

Jimmy Kimmel. 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'
Jimmy Kimmel. 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

This is how Jimmy Kimmel's life has been

Before delving into more intimate aspects of his life and talking about them, it is important that we review his early years. He was born with the name of James Christian and his parents' marriage gave him his three little brothers. When he was only nine years old, his family decided to move to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he spent his childhood.

From the time he was very young, Jimmy was already cracking jokes and pranks to make his family and friends laugh. It was then, inspired by his idol David Letterman, that he decided to start hosting a talk show on college radio. This was the first radio job of the many he would go on to do during his career.

Jimmy Kimmel's television career

His professional life changed completely from the moment he made the leap to television. This happened in 1997, when he started working in the program 'Win Ben Stein's Money', together with the hostess Stein. Since then, Kimmel has been part of other popular programs such as 'The Man Show', which became one of the most successful of Comedy Central.

In 2003, 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' debuted on the ABC television network. Although at first he had to work hard to get the show off the ground, it would soon become the direct competition of other programs of the same type of content, of great success in the United States television.

This is Molly McNearney, Jimmy Kimmel's wife

After separating from his first wife, Gina Maddy, with whom he had two children, Kimmel met his life partner. Her name is Molly McNearney and she is a television writer. The couple got married in 2013 and a year later they had their first daughter, Jane Kimmel.

Jimmy Kimmel and Molly McNearneys
Jimmy Kimmel and Molly McNearney

As for the wealth that Jimmy has achieved as a result of his work, sources assure that this figure would be around 45 million dollars, being his annual salary of about 15 million. This exorbitant amount has been the result of years of dedication and effort as an actor, host and comedian.

All about Jimmy Kimmel's net worth — wife, wedding and houses