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All about Taylor Swift's husband that you don't know but won a Grammy

The information we give you from The Look is all you need to know who is the successful husband with whom Taylor Swift decided to share her life
All about Taylor Swift's husband that you don't know but won a Grammy
All about Taylor Swift's husband that you don't know but won a Grammy

Taylor Swift is an American singer-songwriter, producer, director, actress and businesswoman who, thanks to her professional career, enjoys worldwide recognition. She was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania, and over the years has become one of the most prominent icons in today's music scene.

So much so that, recently, Taylor has made history in the United States. This is due to the news that the young singer has managed to become the first artist to occupy the entire top 10 of the most listened songs in the U.S. country. Knowing part of her successful career in the world of music, it is time to delve a little into her personal life. For this reason, from The Look we give you all the information you need to know the person with whom she has decided to share her life.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Who is Joe Alwyn?

Taylor Swift's current boyfriend is named Joe Alwyn. At 31, he is a British actor, writer and composer who mainly owes his fame to his debut in the movie 'Billy Lynn'. Here he shared the stage with important names in acting such as Vin Diesel, Garrett Hedlund or Kristen Stewart.

However, he is not only recognized for his appearances on the big screen, but his professional career also stands out for his recognition as producer of the album 'Folklore', by Taylor Swift.

So important was his participation in this work that, thanks to his contribution, Alwyn was awarded a Grammy.

The love story of Taylor and Joe

It was during the celebration of the MET Gala in 2016 when Taylor and Joe met. Although the singer attended the event with her then boyfriend, Tom Hiddleston, she has sometimes acknowledged that the presentation between the two was a real crush.

Months later, the two began a relationship and met again publicly at the 'after party' of a concert that Kings of Leon held in New York.

A couple marked by discretion

From that moment on, their courtship began to have its first references in the media and in the documentary 'Miss Americana' that Taylor recorded for Netflix, and where Joe participated.

Although the couple has always tried to keep their relationship as private as possible, the truth is that the singer's fans began to look for the slightest reference of love for Joe in her songs. It was inevitable.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn
Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

Throughout the 5 years of their relationship, they have barely uploaded photos together to social networks and they don't usually appear together at events and galas.

Wedding in sight

However, there is one piece of news that has been made public and that has undoubtedly made many people happy, and not only the couple.

The U.S. media began to echo that, a few months ago, Taylor and Joe had become engaged privately. It couldn't be any other way coming from them.

It is true that we are far from knowing how the ceremony will be or who will be the guests, but what we can be sure is that we could be facing one of the most expected weddings in the media scene.

Now, we can only wait and wish them the best of luck for the rest of their lives together. Long live the bride and groom!

All about Taylor Swift's husband that you don't know but won a Grammy