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Elton John's kids you had no idea existed

This information from The Look is all you need to know to find out how many and who are the children that make up Elton John's family
Elton John's kids you had no idea existed
Elton John's kids you had no idea existed

The music world will never be able to show all the gratitude it feels for having his voice. We are talking about Elton John, who was born on March 25, 1947 in Reginald Kenneth Wight, London. He is a British singer, pianist and composer, whose successful musical career has led him to reach great levels of popularity and idolatry worldwide. In addition to his music, one of the aspects for which he has stood out the most has been for his characteristic character, as well as for his peculiar way of dressing.

In this sense, there is a lot of information that, over the years, has reached us about his professional life. However, as far as his personal and love life is concerned, there are not so many data that the artist has wanted to make public. For this reason, from The Look we have gathered everything you need to know to know the person with whom he shares his life and the children they both have had to form their family together.

Elton John's husband beats his first marriage
Elton John

The love story of Elton John and David Furnish

The first thing that was known about Elton John's romances was his marriage to German sound engineer Renate Blauel. However, the couple could not keep their marriage alive for more than four years. They got married in 1984 and announced their divorce in the year 1988.

The end of their relationship was not as pleasant as they both expected, since they had to face some problems that were mainly caused by the information that was included about the marriage in 'Rocketman', the autobiographical film of the British artist.

Despite this, life still had a lot in store for Elton. In 1993, fate crossed the paths of Elton John and David Furnish, who had their first date in London.

This is Elton and David's idyllic love affair

From that moment on, both felt a love affair that would mark the rest of their lives. So much so that Elton has even said that he felt "attracted to David from the first moment, he was an independent person and I knew it was him because he is not afraid of me".

Everything was going so well between them that, just a short time later, they moved in together and made their relationship official. In 2005, John decided to propose to his boyfriend and, when same-sex marriage was legalized in London, they got married. Finally, this ceremony took place on December 21, 2014.

Elton John and David Furnish
Elton John and David Furnish

Elton and David have started their own family

While waiting to be able to get married, the couple wanted to take a step further in their love and opted to start a family together. In 2010, their first son, Zachary Jackson Levon, came into their lives. Three years later, in 2013, he was followed by their second, Elijah Joseph Daniel, whose godmother is singer Lady Gaga.

It seems that when you find the love that life has in store for you, there is nothing that can fight it. An example of this is the idyllic couple that Elton and David have formed, between which it seems that nothing can come between them.

Elton John's kids you had no idea existed