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James Prince's wife to take half of $55 million if they divorce

This information that we at The Look have gathered for you is all you need to know to find out who James Prince's current wife is and how they met
James Prince's wife to take half of $55 million if they divorce
James Prince's wife to take half of $55 million if they divorce

As we have all seen, music is that faithful friend that makes us feel accompanied when no one else can and is able to bring a smile to our faces when we need it most. For this reason, there are many followers around the world who frequently consume its contents and the professionals who dedicate themselves to it enjoy high levels of popularity at an international level. One of the most important faces in this regard is James Prince. Born on October 31, 1964 in Houston, Texas, he is an American music executive, producer and manager, director of the Rap-A-Lot record label.

Precisely because of the relevance of his career in the music world, we have been able to receive, over the years, a lot of information regarding his professional life. However, it is not so much what we know about his personal and love life. For this reason, from The Look we have gathered all the data you need to discover who his current wife is and what their life together is like.

James Prince
James Prince

This is James Prince

In order to delve into more intimate aspects of James' life, let's first take a look at his early years. The truth is that we don't know anything about his family, both parents and siblings, nor about James' childhood and adolescence.

What we do know is that, throughout his life, Prince has made great efforts to promote the Houston rap scene and rap artists. He also works to promote underprivileged neighborhoods and communities. So much so that, in 2007, Houston Mayor Bill White honored him for more than 20 years of commitment and dedication to the city by proclaiming an official 'James Prince Day'.

James Prince's good deeds

This recognition came on the heels of the opening of a new recreation center that Prince himself built in the city's 5th Ward. A few weeks later, he spearheaded the task of educating young people in terms of HIV prevention and testing with the release of 'Strapped'.

In the month of June 2010, Prince, along with Master P, Jermaine Dupri, Timbaland and Slick Rick, was honored at the seventh annual VH1 Hip Hop Honors Awards. In 2015, he released the song 'Courtesy Call' in response to the recent drama involving artist Drake.

Who is James Prince's current wife?

Going back to more intimate aspects of James' life, in 2019, his relationship with model and fitness trainer Pilar Sanders, former wife of NFL player Deion Sanders, became official. Prior to this story, Prince had been married to Mary Prince since 1994, with whom he had their son, Jas Prince.

Pilar Sanders
Pilar Sanders, James Prince's current partner

As a result of their great love, James and Pilar decided to take their relationship a step further and got engaged. The news was announced through social media, where Sanders shared several photos and videos in which he wore a huge diamond engagement ring and a matching necklace.

James Prince's wife to take half of $55 million if they divorce