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Mike Wolfe's new girlfriend after leaving Jodi Faeth

The Look has gathered all the information you need to know to find out who Mike Wolfe's new girlfriend is and what their life is like together
Mike Wolfe's new girlfriend after leaving Jodi Faeth
Mike Wolfe's new girlfriend after leaving Jodi Faeth

The world of television, show business and all that this implies has, around the world, a large number of followers of all kinds. For this reason, the characters that appear in it become highly known at an international level. This is just the case of Mike Wolfe, an American businessman and antique collector, born in Joliet, Illinois, on June 1, 1964. He is one of the most profitable and well-known television personalities and this is mainly due to the fact that he is the creator and star of the popular TV show 'American Pickers'.

Precisely because of the importance and relevance of his career in the world of television, as well as his great popularity, a lot of information has reached us about his professional life over the years. However, not so much what we know about her personal and love life. For this reason, from The Look we have gathered all the information you need to know who is the new girlfriend of Mike Wolfe and how their story has been.

Mike Wolfe and Frank
Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz

This is how Mike Wolfe's life has been

To get into the most intimate details of Wolfe's life, let's start with a review of his early years. He is the son of Rita Wolfe and, so far, the identity of his father is unknown, since both divorced when he was very young and it was his mother who raised him.

Wolfe spent his childhood with his two siblings, Robbie and Beth, being the middle of the three. His brother Robbie was a rock star musician before he decided to join Mike's business, in which they collected valuable works of art.

Mike Wolfe's successful career

In terms of his career path, Wolfe became interested in collecting and selling antiques at an early age. Over the years, this led him to create his own show, 'American Pickers', which aired on the History Channel.

Despite his great success and becoming a TV star, his partner Frank Fritz decided to leave the show in 2020, after more than 10 years as a great team. This did not slow Mike's feet and he decided to go ahead with his more than consecrated project.

Who is Mike Wolfe's current partner?

Returning to his personal life and, specifically, to the sentimental one, we know that Wolfe has had a long relationship with Jodi Faeth. The couple had their daughter, Charlie, and eight months later got married. As close as they have always been, the two decided to separate in 2020.

Love had another chapter for Mike's life and, after this, the media started to echo the new news that revealed the name of his new girlfriend, the model Leticia Cline.

Mike Wolfe and Leticia Cline
Mike Wolfe and Leticia Cline

Mike and Leticia started to see each other publicly more and more often and, as far as we know to date, the love between them is still alive and their relationship continues to move forward. Only time will tell what will happen.

Mike Wolfe's new girlfriend after leaving Jodi Faeth