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No one can believe it — Eddie Murphy just won't stop breaking hearts and the latest is a scandal

From The Look we give you all the information you need to know what has happened to Eddie Murphy and why his fans have been so surprised
Eddie Murphy just won't stop breaking hearts and the latest is a scandal
Eddie Murphy just won't stop breaking hearts and the latest is a scandal

It is well known that the world of cinema has a long list of followers around the world and, therefore, all the news that appear in the media related to it have a great repercussion. Eddie Murphy's name is one of the most talked about internationally. Born on April 3, 1961 in Brooklyn, New York, he is an American actor, film director, comedian and singer who has conquered the public. Some of his most important works have been in 'Saturday Night Live' or 'Shrek'.

Throughout the years, Murphy has been creating a relevant and outstanding career as an actor and, therefore, there is a lot of information that has been reaching us about his professional life. However, we don't know so much about the most intimate aspects of his personal and love life. Therefore, from The Look we have gathered everything you need to know to know who have been the women to whom the actor has broken his heart.

Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy

This is Eddie Murphy

Starting from the early years of his life, Eddie is the son of a telephone company employee, Lillian, and a police officer and amateur actor, Charles Edward Murphy. His father died when he was just a child and his mother became ill, so he had to live for a year in foster care with his older brother, Charlie.

When all this was over, they both moved to Roosevelt, New York, where they lived with his mother and her new partner, Vernon Lynch, a foreman in an ice cream factory.

Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy's all-terrain career

In terms of his work career, Eddie Murphy has been involved in comedy and acting, and in both he has had great success. As a comedian, we could say that his most outstanding work has been in the program 'Saturday Night Live', where he got three Emmy Award nominations.

His debut in the world of cinema was in 'Limit 48 hours', a film in which he shared the lead role with Nick Nolte. After several years, in 2007 he won the Golden Globe for best supporting actor for the role he played in 'Dreamgirls', in which he gave life to the soul singer James "Thunder" Early.

Other relevant works of his career have been to have given voice to the character of Donkey, in 'Shrek', and the dragon Mushu, in the movie 'Mulan'.

This has been the love life of Eddie Murphy

Love has been very present in Murphy's life, so much so that, as a result of it, he has brought to the world a total of 10 children, with five different women. The first of them, Eric, he had with his girlfriend Paulette McNeely. After him, his relationship with model Nicole Mitchell gave him Bria. In 1990, Christian, his third son, was born during his brief courtship with casting director Tamara Hood.

Despite the hiatus in their relationship, the story with Nicole eventually took hold and she is the mother of five of his 10 children. Bria was followed by Myles, Shayne, Zola and Bella. The two married, but ended up divorcing in 2006.

His current partner is Paige Butcher

Before meeting his current wife, Murphy started a new relationship with Spice Girl, Mel B. With her he had his daughter Angel, but this story did not work out either. Then he started with Tracey Edmonds, with whom he was about to marry, although they finally decided to separate their ways.

Eddie Murphy and his wife, Paige Butcher
Eddie Murphy and his wife, Paige Butcher

So far, the point and end of this love labyrinth came in 2012, when he started a relationship with model Paige Butcher. The couple had two children, Izzy and Max, and it seems that this story has been the definitive one. Or not... only time will tell.

No one can believe it — Eddie Murphy just won't stop breaking hearts and the latest is...