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This is the Ruby Rose couple you didn't even know about: Instagram and a life you wouldn't imagine

From The Look we provide you with everything you need to know to find out who Ruby Rose's partner is and what her life has been like
This is the Ruby Rose couple you didn't even know about: Instagram and a life you wouldn't imagine
This is the Ruby Rose couple you didn't even know about

Her full name is Ruby Rose Langenheim and she was born on March 20, 1986, in Melbourne, Australia. Today, at the age of 36, she is one of the best known faces in the world of culture. She is a model, DJ, recording artist, actress, TV presenter and former Australian MTV VJ. Despite this, there are many aspects of her life that we still don't know and from The Look we are going to reveal you one of them: her partner.

First, let's start talking about Ruby's professional career. It began in 2008, with her debut in the Australian film Suite for fleur. Three years later, she participated in the drama Around the Block. However, her most notable appearances have been in the popular series Orange is the New Black, as Stella Carlin, and in the movie Pitch Perfect 3. In addition to this, in August 2018 she broke the news that she would star in the Batwoman series on The CW.

Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose

Who is her partner?

The truth is that, despite everything we know about Rose's work career, her personal life, on many occasions, has been a real unknown. It is no different now, the actress keeps her love affairs as private as possible. At least, that's what it seems.

Something she has made public throughout her career is her fight for LGBTQ+ visibility. Likewise, some of the relationships that the actress has had have also been made known, among which there has been talk of alleged love triangles.

Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose Langenheim

What about Rose's love life?

Although Ruby is not very open about who she is or isn't with, there is one relationship that made international headlines. The Australian shared her life with Jessica Origliasso, one of the members of the musical group The Veronicas.

Despite the fact that the first time they did not end up in good port, both decided to give each other a second chance and try again. However, it was no different this time. The couple decided, once again, to separate and, in this case, it seems that they did not end up as friends.

So far, this is Rose's only known serious relationship. Everything points to the fact that, after breaking up with one of the Origliasso twins, the Melbourne girl has not known love again. Different has been in the case of Jessica, whose social networks announced that she had already found with whom to share her life.

Rose is not interested in marriage

We don't know if Ruby Rose has found the ideal person for her, we don't even know if she is looking for her. One thing she has been clear about is her position on marriage. On several occasions, the actress has declared herself against this union, at least in the sense of a sacred sacrament.

Although there is something that interests Rose about marriage. Five years ago, during an interview, she assured that for her "marriage has more to do with equal rights than with the act of getting married. When you don't have equal rights, it's important to break that barrier."

Interested in becoming a mother?

It is true that Rose, a couple of years ago, assured that she was not interested in looking for a girlfriend, but that she was open to build a "loving and healthy" relationship with a person with whom she "might want to have children".

If we stick to her words, we could say that the model and actress would like to find true love in someone and that she might even want to start a family. Is there already someone in Rose's heart?

This is the Ruby Rose couple you didn't even know about: Instagram and a life you...