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No Valentine's Day, no Valentine's Day — Galentine's Day is back in the news with Amy Poehler

This information from The Look is all you need to find out where the famous Galentine's Day that Amy Poehler makes popular comes from
No Valentine's Day, no Valentine's Day - Galentine's Day is back in the news with Amy Poehler
No Valentine's Day, no Valentine's Day - Galentine's Day is back in the news with Amy Poehler

It is an indisputable fact that the world of television and show business has always had, all over the planet, a large number of followers who enjoy their content on a regular basis. As a result, professionals in these fields can enjoy high levels of popularity on an international level. One of the best known names is Amy Poehler. Born on September 16, 1971 in Newton, Massachusetts, she is an American comedian, actress, writer, producer and director who has made Galentine's Day spread around the world.

Precisely because of how relevant her career has been and the many followers she has conquered is why, over the years, we have been able to receive a lot of information regarding her professional life and how that has affected the world. For this reason and following this line, from The Look we have collected all the data you need to discover what is the popular Galentine's Day and how it came about.

Amy Poehler
Amy Poehler

Who is Amy Poehler?

Before we dive into that topic and learn the origin of this successful and novel day, let's first take a look at the early years of Amy's life. She grew up in Burlington, Massachusetts, and is the daughter of Eileen and Bill Poehler, both teachers. After graduating from high school she moved to Chicago and, there, began studying improvisation at Second City.

Years later she decided to move again, this time to New York. This was the place that would make his career take off, since he began to perform, on a regular basis, sketches in 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien'. Similarly, she was also part of the cast of 'Upright Citizens Brigade'.

The comedian Amy Poehler
The comedian Amy Poehler

From this moment on, Amy appeared numerous times on 'Saturday Night Live', performing impersonations of famous actors, singers and other celebrities. In addition to this, she has also worked as an actress in films such as 'Hamlet 2', 'Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story' or 'Wet Hot American Summer', among many others, mostly comedies.

This is how Galentine's Day came about thanks to Amy Poehler

It was as a result of her professional career that the world began to take part in the already popular Galentine's Day. Specifically, this day was born in episode 16 of the second season of the hit comedy series Parks and Recreation, whose title was precisely 'Galentine's Day'.

Women are the main characters of Galentine's Day

In it, Amy Poehler was the protagonist and gave life to the character of Leslie Knope. During one scene, she takes her friends out for breakfast and has various gifts prepared for them. In Poehler's own words, it was an occasion where "girls celebrate girls". This is where the name Galentine's Day came from, resulting in 'Girls' Day'.

The celebration began to gain high rates of popularity around the world and, in response to this, it was mentioned again in the fourth season of the series. In this case, Leslie Knope points out that it should be considered a national celebration.

Amy Poehler. 'Galentine's Day'
Amy Poehler (Leslie Knope). 'Galentine's Day'

The truth is that this purpose has not yet been achieved, but it is an indisputable reality that more and more people are taking the plunge to celebrate love between friends.

No Valentine's Day, no Valentine's Day — Galentine's Day is back in the news with Amy...