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All about Rosalía's life since she was a child and her worldwide success

The life of Rosalía Vila and her path to becoming one of the stars of the music world by fusing trap with flamenco
​Rosalía, del éxito en la música con fusión del flamenco a ser objeto de la prensa rosa
Rosalía, from success in flamenco fusion music to being the subject of the tabloid press

It seems difficult to think that a singer can go from being successful in the world of flamenco to being much more successful in the world of trap, and they are two completely different sides of music, but today you can realize that it is possible, when we analyze everything about Rosalía and her successful life in music with the fusion of trap and flamenco.

Her recent romance with Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Rauw Alejandro, discovered while leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles, has gone around the world with photos on Twitter and Instagram in the tabloids revealing the relationship between the two music stars. Her success in the music industry has led her to become a recognized star, much in demand in the pages and television programs to reveal situations of her private life.

A music star who at only 27 years of age has managed to catapult herself to the top positions of the most popular music charts around the world, and in a very original way, without losing her roots and extolling the culture of her land, her artistic education and her own musical curiosity. Want to know everything about Rosalía, here she leaves you:

The history of La Rosalía

It seems exaggerated to talk about history when we refer to a young girl in her twenties, but the truth is that this pretty girl of Spanish origins, at her young age, already has an extensive musical background, and more than extensive, I dare to say that it is a background of quality and originality.

But before we get into her professional world, I wanted to show you a little bit about the personal side of this girl, because I'm sure you're wondering where she comes from, when she was born, who are her parents, does she have a partner, etc?

Who is La Rosalía?

La Rosalía, the artistic name by which Rosalía Vila Tobella is known, is a Spanish singer-songwriter, born in the province of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain; who started in the artistic world by the impulse of her father, who encouraged her to start her music studies since she was 10 years old.

She was born in 1993, on September 25th, Libran according to her zodiac sign, and she is an extroverted and dynamic woman. Sant Cugat del Vallés was the town where she was born and is proud of her today.

Rosalía de pequeña - InstagramRosalia as a child - Instagram

Her musical studies are focused on the prestigious Escuela Superior de Música de Cataluña, whose program is highly exclusive and where she becomes an expert in the traditional flamenco art.

She is the second of two sisters, so, being the child of the house, she has always had the support of her parents in each of her professional and personal decisions, but also with the support of her older sister, La Pili, who manages all her styling and has given La Rosalía one of her most precious treasures: her nephew Genís.

​Rosalía, del éxito en la música a liarla en la prensa rosaRosalía participating as a teenager in a music program in Spain

She comes from a marriage that broke up relatively recently, between José Manuel Vila and Pilar Tobella. Both were the ones who, upon seeing their daughter's artistic talents, sponsored her to become a musical star, and today they are part of her closed group of trusted people who collaborate with her in her journey through the histrionic world.

A lonely heart?

In the life of the singer has been known, to date, only one sentimental relationship, that which she maintained with the also known singer C. Tangana, back in the years 2016 to 2018, or something like that, because the truth is that although both did not hide their relationship at all, for not being so internationally media at that time, it is difficult to establish an exact date of rupture.

What is certain is that it was an apparently toxic relationship, which inspired many of the lyrics of the singer's songs and the second full album of Catalonia, of which I will give you many details later, but which made it very clear that it was a stormy relationship.

Once this relationship ended, La Rosalía has been involved with some other artists in the music industry, such as J Balvin, Bad Bunny, Travis Scott and, more recently, with Puerto Rican singer Rauw Alejandro.

None of these "relationships" or love links have been confirmed, but in the last case some evidence has been put on the table that point to the reality of the rumors that sound and sound about the courtship between Rosalía and Rauw.

Fans of the artists are freaking out, crazy just imagining what a great couple they are, the possible professional collaborations between them and the future photographs, they even imagine the physique of their possible future children, they adore them! and they wish it to be a reality and not a mere rumor. But, for now, only time will tell if they are or are not boyfriend and girlfriend.

Famous and controversial friendships

One of the things that has stood out the most in the tabloids and in the press around the world, has been the friendship that this young and talented singer has established with several show business personalities, and not with any celebrity, but with the top of the universe.

Among them stand out:

Her cute relationship with Bad Bunny, with whom she has wanted to get romantically involved, but so far they have only taken for granted their great friendship.
Rosalía and Kylie Jenner, although there has been speculation about the abrupt breakup of this friendship, for reasons still unknown, the truth is that both have shared many family and social moments together, being this one of the most famous and luxurious friendships in the world.

Cristina and her publications. Since they met, Cristina Aguilera and Rosalia, the first of these singers has made it very clear that she admires the second, and vice versa.
Dua Lipa. After starring in a controversial scene with this also famous singer, where they celebrated in a strippers place, they have become increasingly close friends.
Billie Eilish and her long-awaited musical collaboration. She is another of the personalities that tops the list of V.I.P.'s in the entertainment world, and yes, she is one of La Rosalia's close friends.

Definitely, when you have fame and money, there are plenty of friends, although in the case of Rosalía her friends are on par with her in these terms, so it is presumed that these are real friendships that are generated in the artistic environment full of luxury and splendor.

In fact, figures such as Barak Obama, Maluma, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and Drake, have made it known that they are admirers of the singer; not bad, right?

The tabloids with Rosalía

In spite of her young age, Rosalía has lived a lot, and although she has burst internationally a little more than three years ago, that time has been more than enough to give a lot to talk about, but really nothing bad.

She is an extroverted singer with many original projects ahead of her and with whom many artists are dying to collaborate, so on more than one occasion she has been romantically involved with her male colleagues and friendly with every girl in between.

Pillan a Rosalía y Rauw Alejandro de la manoRosalia and Rauw Alejandro caught holding hands

Everyone wants to be her friend! Perhaps because they have a glimpse of what the future holds for this talented woman, and because they recognize talent as soon as they see it. Artists like J Balvin noticed it even before her international boom, and now the press can't keep up with all the headlines based on details of her personal life and issues related to her music.

There is speculation about her partners, about collaborations, about her new record production and social networks are being monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so that nothing about her escapes, her photos, her twits, her posts, the hints to her ex-boyfriend, the look she shares with someone, everything she does!

What is certain then is that Rosalía has given, gives and will continue to give us something to talk about, because she has talent and because she is irreverent, open, lives her own way and is one of the few artists who does not skimp on doing what she wants regardless of the press.

Rosalia, international fashion icon

The girl with the super gel nails, this is how this 27 year old artist with a unique and irreverent style when it comes to dressing and grooming is known in the fashion world. And one of the most striking things about La Rosalía's look is, without a doubt, her manicure, with immensely extensive gel nails with striking designs that make her look great, and that, in addition, have made the beauty salon where she has them done very popular, becoming her star client and establishing a great friendship with the owner of the salon, with whom from the first moment she planned the fame of her nails, because nothing in her look is random.

Diseño sin título - 2021-08-22T203842.409

She is dressed by the best designers, has the best accessories and her styling is always controlled by someone she trusts, her beloved sister, she has everything she can afford!

And the truth is that, thanks to this, she has always been the talk of her clothing, being considered a fashion icon around the world, an example to follow for the girls of this century, unique, original, as she is in all aspects. That's why designers themselves seek her out to dress her.

La Rosalía's record productions

There are two studio albums that La Rosalía has recorded and with which she has even collaborated in their production. They are not many, but they have marked the beginning of her musical career and her springboard to the international scene.

Do you want to know each of the record productions of La Rosalía's musical career? Pay attention and analyze each one of the details of these works, song after song, collaborations, influences, style, etc...

First album

In 2017, specifically on February 10, "Los Ángeles" was released, the first of Rosalía's two albums to date; with a purely flamenco style, where she begins to flaunt her singing talents and which has the collaboration at the level of writing and production of great icons of Spanish music.

This work has the seal of the well-known Raul Refree, producer of great stars and musician of high stature. It has been catalogued as one of the most celebrated albums of the year throughout the country and the Americas, sneaking with honors in the nominations of the Latin Grammy Awards.

It was not a solo work, but a complete collaboration with the aforementioned artist, but only now it has been Rosalía's fame that has given it much more popularity than the album already had.

It consists of 12 songs, which are a reflective ode to death. It reached the top 100 albums chart in Spain, initially ranking No. 49 and reaching No. 9 for a full week.

​Rosalía, del éxito en la música a liarla en la prensa rosa

It has been awarded with great prizes, including Best Rockdelux Album. With this work La Rosalía was put in the spotlight, and with her next work she achieves the international fame she has worked so hard for.

Second album

Recorded between 2017 and 2018 as part of her degree in the School of singing and released to the market, after much publicity in New York City, on November 2, 2018, produced by Pablo Diaz - Reixa, better known in the field as El Guincho, and even with his own intervention in the production, sponsored by the hand of the great company Sony Music.

When a record company of the stature of Sony Music bets on an artist, it is because there is certainty of his talent and the sales they will achieve with the record production in which they are investing, and so it was, this album reached sales records, being awarded with triple platinum record in Spain, for more than 120,000 copies sold.

Best Alternative or Latin Rock Album at the Grammy Awards; Best Album of the Year, Best Contemporary Pop Album and other categories at the Latin Grammy Awards, and Best Pop Album at the Latin American Music Awards. These are the awards obtained directly for the album, not counting those granted to the most popular song, its video, etc.

Being her first work as a soloist, it is very well received by the public and acclaimed by the critics, which catapults her to the top of the charts, increasing her popularity to exorbitant limits and filling her with fame and glory. But what is the title of this album? "El mal querer".

Sound familiar? Well, both the title and the songs are based on a famous literary work that narrates the fateful and toxic story of a couple's violent love. Work that also acquires more popularity as a result of the album of La Rosalía.

Third album

One of the most awaited albums in history, La Rosalía's third album is still in process and, because of her perfectionist and detail-oriented essence, the artist has taken the necessary time to make this the best album ever.

Much has been speculated about the collaborations in terms of production and in the musical field itself, but until the work is in the market, we will not know exactly what it has in store for us; however, one thing is for sure, it will be a great album, so stay tuned so they don't tell you about it, but so you can experience it.

Influences in her music

Initially, the music that represents La Rosalía is influenced by her flamenco essence, since, as you could notice, her musical studies are based on this style, typical of her native land and that not everyone can master, but she can.

In her first record production in collaboration with another artist, you can clearly notice her style called flamenco nuevo, although it is an album that is merely based on that mode and it is, until her solo production, when she really overflows in the theme and you get to see the fusion of flamenco with trap.

A unique mix, never seen before and that has been the singer's trademark and personal seal. In her albums you can hear the beautiful sounds of hand clapping in conjunction with the powerful and innovative sound of trap.

As for the personalities that influence her style, of course the great artists of each of the worlds have had to do with her success, mainly for having trusted in her talent and collaborating with her songs.

More recently, we have been able to notice traits of Latin, pop and rock music in his songs, so it would not be surprising if his next work is more focused on something similar.

From Flamenco to trap

Now, the most characteristic of La Rosalía's music and what makes her stand out from the rest of the artists, especially artists of her age, is that although she has ventured into the most popular genre of music, trap, she has done so without losing her culture and her flamenco essence.

She has managed to merge both genres in such a way that makes it a spectacular work, with fabulous reviews and incorporating other genres as well, such as pop, rock, Latin music and more.

Although not many people know this artist for her true musical trajectory, but rather categorize her as a momentary star who, like so many others, does not have the necessary preparation to last in time, she is really one of the best prepared singers of this era.

And this is to be applauded, and very much so, mainly because of her age, since being so young she has prepared herself and continues to do so constantly, and that is what the music world really needs today, artists who are studied and willing to maintain their essence.

Despite having generated controversy for the style of music and having been accused of using the symbols of flamenco and gypsy culture wrongly and by simple modernism, the reality is that the positive reviews demolish all the bad that can be alleged.

Most notable collaborations

Songs like "Con Altura", "Blinding Lights Remix", "Relación Remix", "TKN" and more recently "Lo vas a olvidar" with Billie Eilish and "Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi" with Ozuna, are just some of the most talked about collaborations, and for very good reasons, marking with each one of them a before and after in the life of the artists with whom she sings.

As I have already pointed out, many want to be her friends, and many more want to work with her, to experience the feeling of being one of the most famous singers on Earth and to feel, even if only for a moment, as part of her extravagant and sumptuous world.

Not for nothing artists of high renown in the world of pop, reggaeton, trap and even flamenco, lend themselves to work with this girl, because they are more than sure of the professionalism and quality of the material that is achieved with so much talent in between.

Songs that marked a before and after in her professional life

And in tune with the theme of collaborations, we also have the most iconic songs of the singer, because some of them are, of course, made in conjunction with some other music professional and, depending on the environment, have meant her gateway to different markets.

Thus, we have that "Con Altura", released in 2019 together with the famous J Balvin, positioned her very well in the world of reggaeton and put her in the sights of so many other professionals of the genre, being then when her influences spread much more, until reaching the best flamenco - trap fusion songs that became popular after this.

This song is precisely the one that led her to collaborate with the King of Trap, Bad Bunny, in his song "La noche de anoche", which was released in February 2021 and completely marked the true essence of the singer, as she definitively entered the world of trap.

But, long before that, there were also songs that, if they had not been produced at the time, the history of La Rosalía would not be the one that is told today, among those, of course, "Aunque es de Noche", from her first album, a duet with the famous Raul Refree, and "De Plata", a promotional single from the singer's first record label.

And, also after all that, with songs like "Malamente" it has been possible to see a much more mature Rosalía professionally, but without losing her essence. A song that will remain in history as the best, or one of the best of all the musical milestone of Catalonia.

Awards received

Every musical trajectory that has been successfully traced, has awards and accolades to prove it, or at least nominations worth highlighting, and the case of La Rosalía is no exception; with only two musical works and only one of them solo, she has already been nominated for:

  • Best New Artist in 2017 for her work on "Ella misma"; and Recording of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Short Music Video at the Latin Grammy Awards 2018 for "Malamente". Also best pop song and recording of the year in 2019. And finally, Best pop and rock song in 2020 for "Dolerme".
  • Best Spanish artist at the MTV Euro Music Awards for the same work in 2018.
  • Best new artist at the Grammy Awards in 2020.
  • Best new artist and best summer song in 2019 at the MTV Video Music Awards. And Best Editing in 2020.
  • Best pop album, favorite female artist of the year and new artist of the year at the 2019 Latin American Music Awards.

Likewise, to date she has received: 8 Latin Grammys between the years 2018 and 2020, a Grammy in 2020 for her album "El Mal querer", a Billboard in 2019, 2 MTV Video Music Awards in 2019, and an MTV Euro Music Awards in the same year 2019.

Her acting talents and her experience in the medium

In 2019, Rosalía ventured into the world of cinema, specifically with Pedro Almodóvar's "Dolor y Gloria". A classic story where the development of life and the moments that mark a key point in the journey of life are highlighted.

The film received excellent reviews, which was to be expected with the quality of the writer, producer and actors such as Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz.

The film received great nominations and awards for many categories, and although the character of Rosalía, Rosita, was not included, she was an important part of the plot and helped to develop it as the direction required.

She was then part of those Goya Awards for best film of the year, best direction, best actor, best supporting actress, best editing and best original music. As well as other renowned nominations, such as Best International Film at the 92nd Academy Awards and Best Non-English Language Film at the 77th Golden Globe Awards.

It is a great success and an honor for Rosalía to have decided to begin her acting career with this masterpiece of Spanish cinema. We hope to continue to see her grow in this field in the same way she has done in the world of singing.

Trend-setting live performances

And in another order of ideas, we could not leave without commenting on the singer's live performances, which revolutionize social networks and tabloids every time they are generated, since the presence of this star on stage is overwhelming, both vocally and on stage.

To promote each of her albums, the singer has toured, getting to perform in different countries in Europe and Latin America, from 2017 onwards.

More specifically with the second tour, carried out with the purpose of publicizing the album "El Mal querer", executed in 2019, she visited the following countries: Argentina, Chile, Mexico, USA, Canada, Spain, France, Portugal, Morocco, United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Czech Republic.

And, on the other hand, not only her concerts are great and with great acceptance by the general public, who love to see her live, but also her presentations in Awards and TV stages have been a complete craze, unleashing trends worldwide.

What happened recently with her performance at the Grammy Awards 2020, where she blew away all the viewers and those who had the privilege of seeing her in person.

And, like any good artist, La Rosalía shows what she is made of when she steps on the stage to give herself to her audience without intermediaries, only with her voice and her talent.

What's new with Rosalía

Currently, the famous star is working on her third album production and in the love life she has been seen, on some occasions, with the already highlighted in previous lines: Rauw Alejandro, renowned singer, so it seems that everything is going smoothly for this young, talented and beautiful girl.

We hope then that everything in her life continues to go well, so that she sets the tone in all radio stations, entertainment channels, social networks or in any corner of the world, physical or virtual, since everything about Rosalía and her successful life in music with the fusion of trap and flamenco, is really interesting.

All about Rosalía's life since she was a child and her worldwide success