domingo. 26.06.2022

Pau Gasol's first daughter is born with a name in memory of Gianna Bryant

Elisabet Gianna Gasol is the little baby of Catherine McDonnell and Pau Gasol, with memory in her name of Kobe Bryant's daughter

It could not be otherwise. Pau Gasol, very close to the Bryant family, had in mind to pay homage to Gigi. The promising daughter who along with her father, Kobe Bryant, left us stunned and speechless after a fatal helicopter crash. The news is now more beautiful, and worthy of the great person that is the Spaniard. His little and long-awaited daughter, Elisabet Gianna Gasol, has come into the world and both the baby and her mother, Catherine McDonnell, are in perfect condition.

Pau Gasol has not stopped spending time with the Bryant family, they have not wanted to leave them alone and moved to Los Angeles to be with Vanessa and her daughters. The love and gratitude he has for them is so great that he has wanted to honor Gianna Maria with her little Elisabet.

Catherine McDonnell and Pau Gasol, thus fulfilling their dream of becoming parents. The best Spanish basketball player of all times is the one who has advanced the news through social networks.

Pau has said that everything has gone well. They are very happy with how everything has turned out, and they have commented that the name of their little girl is full of meaning.

Gasol was also in charge of giving the good news: "We couldn't be happier to add a new member to our family very soon! You are going to be the best mother Catherine McDonnell. Life is about to take us on a wonderful new adventure. I love you! #BabyGasolEnCamino".

We must remember that Pau Gasol and Catherine McDonnell got married in 2019, after spending several years of courtship, specifically 4, since they started dating in 2015.

His wife, his great support

McDonnell has followed Gasol for each of the different teams the Spaniard has been on: Chicago Bulls (2014-2016); San Antonio Spurs (2016-2019) and Milwaukee Bucks (2019). In addition, he has been a great support in the last hard months, in which Gasol has had to deal with the death of Kobe Bryant, whom he considers his older brother. Both had a confessed devotion to each other, and the death had completely destroyed the one in Sant Boi.

They are not given to appear in the American tabloids. They were married twice, once in the United States and the second time in Spain. Catherine McDonnell is a journalist, knowing the elder of the Gasol family while she was working in sports for the Fox network. Since the beginning of their relationship, Pau has dedicated herself to the business world.

Barcelona's Pau Gasol Sáez, 40 years old, is currently without equipment recovering from a foot injury, and with his sights set on the Olympics. He is the second Spaniard to play in the NBA after Fernando Martin, and the first to be chosen to play an NBA All-Star Game. It was in Houston in 2006. He was also the first to qualify for the playoffs, with Memphis Grizzlies in 2003-04, and to win the NBA championship, and not once, but twice with the Los Angeles Lakers, in 2008-09 and 2009-10, being the faithful squire of his brother Kobe Bryant.

Gasol and the Spanish National Team

She has been a member of the Spanish National Team since junior year, winning the Eurobasket junior championship in 1998 and the junior world championship in 1999, defeating the US National Team in the final. A match that went down in history. The beginning of the dream.

She made her debut with the senior national team on August 15, 2001 in a friendly match against Greece in which she already scored 20 points. With Spain, he won ten medals, including gold at the 2006 World Basketball Championship in Japan. There he was part of the ideal quintet of the competition and was chosen MVP. He has also won six medals in the European championships: three gold, in Poland 2009 and where he was chosen MVP (Most Valuable Player) of the championship, in Lithuania 2011 and in France, Germany, Croatia and Latvia 2015, where he was again chosen MVP; two silver, in Sweden 2003,93 and Spain 2007;94 and another bronze in Turkey 2001. He has also accumulated three other Olympic medals: two silver, in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2012 London Olympics, in both cases against a star-studded U.S. team, and the bronze in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Without a doubt, one of the most successful international players in the world.

Pau Gasol's first daughter is born with a name in memory of Gianna Bryant