miércoles 18/5/22

China is developing a Covid-19 vaccine that will be mass-produced

The safety and effectiveness against coronavirus of this vaccine from China will have to be confirmed in trials

China has approved the first patent for a Coronavirus vaccine, although it is still in phase 3 testing.  With this authorization, the Beijing government will be able to mass produce it "in a short period of time", pending conclusive results on its effectiveness.

The vaccine, developed by the Military Scientific Institute and the Chinese biopharmaceutical company CanSino Biologics, has received a patent from the State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO), according to the Chinese newspaper Global Times.

Successfully tested

This vaccine, which uses a weakened common cold virus, has already been successfully tested among members of the Chinese Army who began receiving it last June.

The vaccine has shown a "good immune response in mice and rodents, and can induce the body to produce a strong cellular and humoral immune response in a short time," according to the pharmaceutical company CanSino.

Efficacy and safety

The Chinese company explained that the granting of the patent confirms the efficacy and safety of the vaccine, and convincingly demonstrates ownership of its intellectual property rights (IPR).

Research published in July in The Lancet published that the CanSino vaccine has been tested on more than 500 people as a follow-up to the first tests published last May, also with positive results, but that further human trials will be needed in phase III, to confirm whether this candidate vaccine effectively protects against infection.


The CanSino vaccine "can be mass produced in a short period of time" and is "quick and easy to prepare".

Its safety and effectiveness will have to be confirmed in phase III of the clinical trial, which has just begun in Russia by the company Petrovax, but also in Saudi Arabia, and the Chinese laboratory is in negotiations with other Latin American countries.

China is developing a Covid-19 vaccine that will be mass-produced