jueves 26/5/22

Sevilla is the king of the Europa League: its sixth!

Once again, Sevilla is the champion of the competition where it reigns without opposition, its sixth Europa League in six finals

Sevilla FC has done it again, winning its sixth final in six times it has played, a dream come true. The fourth title in seven years. The rival was not easy, Inter Milan. Getting here was not easy, they had to beat the almighty Manchester United.


The Andalusian team has beaten the Italians with a score of 3 to 2 goals. If De Jong's first two Sevillian goals were a spectacle. The third one by the Brazilian Diego Carlos, a dream come true. A Chilean that is worth a European title that saves the authority of Spanish football this year in Europe.


No matter the circumstances, the disadvantages and the goals against. Sevilla FC went to Germany to get their trophy, which will be reunited with their five sisters at the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán.

Again. Sevilla FC won their sixth UEFA Europa League final in Cologne on Friday, with a very committed start and a Sevilla side that once again laid bare their opponents' budget on the pitch.

They started off poorly, coming from behind after just five minutes, but De Jong emerged as a hero with a spectacular first-half double that Godin stabilised again. In the second half, with a much less dramatic encounter, a Diego Carlos' Chilean ended up sending her in at her own goal... Lukaku! Bono was a hero again and the sixth one is coming to Sevilla.

Four titles in 7 years

Restless dejá vu that Sevilla found itself at the very beginning. As against Wolves and United, practically the first arrival of the rival became a penalty. Lukaku went into the area and Diego Carlos already exceeded the line, so Makkelie did not hesitate to point out the fateful point.

The Belgian killer took the shot and beat Bono with a strong, close-range shot at the right post. Sevilla had a hard time shaking off the blow, but little by little it recovered its pulse and went for Inter. Luckily, before the quarter of an hour the equalizer was going to arrive, with a centre of Navas very similar to the one of last Sunday and a header of De Jong that was played by Handanovic, but without the possibility of avoiding the goal.

Everything was coming back to the start very soon and the match seemed to be calming down in a way. Inter, like United in the previous match, were looking for a return game to take advantage of. Sevilla, on the other hand, felt more comfortable playing and entering the bands. However, they would go ahead with a set-piece, with a Banega foul on the far post that De Jong finished off perfectly, knocking out the well-formed Inter line and the goal, which had taken two steps forward that proved definitive. Unfortunately, the joy only lasted three minutes and it took Godin to return the coin with another foul, which he headed home.


Sevilla finished the first half playing the Inter with an open face and it even had the third one with a shot of Ocampos, after another foul. Handanovic sent a corner kick but there was no time for it to be launched. However, things changed in the second half.

Hispalenses are the kings of the Europa League

Both teams decided that there was no need for so many strong emotions and it was a much closer match, although Inter were still determined to take advantage of any Sevillian mistake. Luckily, there were very few of those, although Inter certainly had theirs.

Above all, Lukaku's hand to hand approach was perfectly covered by Bono's foot and a move in the small area that, after several refusals, ended up with Kounde's kick under the posts.

What the script of the match had in store was nothing less than a Chilean shot by Diego Carlos and a rebound by Lukaku, just enough for the ball to change trajectory and slip into Handanovic's goal. Sevilla did it again with 15 minutes more of the discount ahead.


Obviously, they were suffered and it was time for the males to tighten up, but more because of the slowness of the chronometer than because of the real danger that Inter was carrying, which was already very tired. Conte refreshed his attack with Moses, Erikssen and Alexis Sánchez, but Sevilla showed that it knows how to play those minutes very well and the six minutes of discount ended in the sixth UEL in an irremediable way.

What a pride, Sevilla! What a joy for a city that has been beaten but that feels today happy and radiant as never before for its team! Jesus Navas has already got his, the one he raised in an unforgettable year for the bad, which is now also in the positive.



3. SEVILLA FC: Bono, Jesús Navas, Koundé, Diego Carlos (Gudelj, minuto 86), Reguilón, Joan Jordán, Fernando, Banega, Ocampos (Munir, minuto 71), Suso (Franco Väzquez, minuto 78) y De Jong (En-Nesyri, minuto 85).

2. FC INTERNAZIONALE MILANO: Handanovic, Godín (Candreva, minuto 90), De Vrij, Bastoni, D'Ambrosio (Moses, minuto 78), Barella, Brozovic, Gagliardini (Erikssen, minuto 78), Young, Lukaku y Lautaro Martínez (Alexis Sánchez, minuto 78).

GOALS: 0-1, minuto 5: Lukaku; 1-1, minuto 12: De Jong; 2-1, minuto 33: De Jong; 2-2, minuto 36: Godín; Lukaku, p.p. minuto 74;

REFEERES: Danny Makkelie, neerlandés. Amarillas para Diego Carlos, Banega, Conte, Barella, Bastoni y Gagliardini.

Sevilla is the king of the Europa League: its sixth!