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Health authorities close Bo Banus restaurant in Marbella after 8 employees found to be infected with Covid

The restaurant located in Puerto Banus has been closed for lack of a plan for Covid-19 infection after nearly a dozen positive Coronavirus among its employees

Cierran el restaurante Bo Banus de Marbella tras los contagios entre empleados
Health authorities close Bo Banus restaurant in Marbella after several employees became infected

After publishing the facts, the suspicions were that the restaurant would close, and it did.  After being published in El MIRA the complaint of workers of the well-known restaurant Bo Banus, located in Puerto Banus, in the town of Marbella in the province of Malaga, the health authorities have made an appearance on site and have verified the veracity of the words of these employees. These people denounced the existence of 8 positive for Coronavirus in the staff, and that the rest of the team continued working without undergoing tests despite having been in "close contact" with those infected.

In words to the editorial office of MIRA Malaga, they denounced in a statement the lack of precautionary measures. They indicated that the company did not inform them at any time to take precautionary measures, but that they had to find out from other employees. In addition, they indicated that the company "had not informed the workers, nor the health authorities, nor the customers, who are about 150 on average per day, in contact with positives who do not respect or distance themselves, giving hugs to customers and colleagues, and without masks"; nor were they given a PCR test.

Closure of the premises by Covid-19 protocol

Thus, this Wednesday, July 21, these authorities closed the restaurant because they found evidence of what the employees said was true, which according to the same sources who have contacted this media are:

  • The workers were not tested
  • There is no prevention plan, no measures or contingency plan against Covid-19.
  • There is no occupational risk prevention plan

For all these reasons they point out that "the premises were closed and the entire workforce was sent to do PCR tests, and the company was required to provide the legal documents against Covid-19, which they did not have".

Cierran el restaurante Bo Banus de Marbella tras los contagios entre empleados Bo Banus restaurant is closed

Employees of Bo Banus denounce that they are "very worried and we are afraid of this situation, since this businessman is totally irresponsible and has not warned the thousands of customers who have passed through the restaurant in recent weeks. This is very serious because of all the contagions that could occur in the future".

Versión de esta noticia en español

They point out that "the businessman and administrator also failed to declare to health the existence of a 24 hour supermarket (7/24 Express), just below the restaurant, in the same premises, first floor, of the Gray d'Albion building of the same company, Gran Macaco SL, and in which are workers who work in the supermarket and the restaurant". They also indicate that these are all "cases of contacts".

They state that "this businessman does not look after the health of his workers or his clients, putting us all at great risk". 

The management of Bo Banus affirmed that everything was in order

They indicated in a call to MIRA Malaga that "the pandemic has caused many of the workers of the establishment to be out of work for months. News like this damages the image of a place that takes care of its employees and from a pharmacy that tests for contagion every 15 days to all workers".

In addition, they stressed that "they do not risk that there are more contagions in their establishment, carrying out all the measures of distancing, protection with masks, gels, and providing antigen tests to their employees", completely denying what was referred to by these workers, who point out that after having been in close contact with those infected, they continue working without having undergone any test whatsoever.

Health authorities close Bo Banus restaurant in Marbella after 8 employees found to be...